NORMAN, Okla. — Second-tier presidential candidate and tiger wrangler Joe Exotic says he was kicked out of Donald Trump’s Norman fundraiser this afternoon despite paying $1,000 to attend.

Exotic, who is on the ballot in Ohio and a few other states aside from Oklahoma, told NonDoc he left Trump’s fundraiser to smoke a cigarette and was not allowed to return. A local TV news cameraman confirmed that Exotic had entered the home of Hunter and Kathy Miller before exiting as the eccentric candidate had said. The cameraman said Exotic returned and then left the fundraiser irritated.

Exotic, who owns G.W. Exotic Animal Park in Wynnewood, Okla., told his story with obvious frustration in the above video.

“It all started when I showed my ID like that, and he saw that I had a carry permit, and even though I ain’t got a gun, he threw me out,” Exotic told two OU fans standing across Chautauqua Avenue behind Trump protesters. “So much for your rights in this country. Fuck that.”

Joe Exotic jumped into the 2016 presidential race in November 2015, drawing attention for his multiple ear rings, tattoos and husbands.

“They refused to give me my money back, so we finally found out what this country’s all about — money,” Exotic told NonDoc. “I wanted to know a couple things. One, how come the FBI testified in front of Congress in February of this year that the animal rights organizations are the number-one domestic terrorists in this country, and they’re still non-profits?

“Then, I want to know how come nobody talks about the $2.7 trillion that they have squandered away from Social Security for old people to make a living, to pay their bills. Nobody wants to talk about how that’s going to get paid back.”

Joe Exotic, whose real name is Joe Schreibvogel, is on at least 31 state ballots across the country, according to an undated press release published by

He announced his candidacy in Ohio, and Saturday’s Trump fundraiser occurred on the weekend of the OU v. Ohio State football game.