To Whom it May Concern:

I’m apparently fated to be connected to Oklahoma for some reason.

Some years back, I started getting emails from a Jari Askins. When I finally asked her why she was wishing me a happy Father’s Day when I had no idea who she was, “Why do so may whack-job politicians come from OK?” and “How can you possibly explain James Inhofe?”, she politely explained that she was lieutenant governor of Oklahoma. We had a pleasant exchange of a few emails, and I got an invitation to visit Oklahoma and give her a call.

That doesn’t happen every day.

Now I get this email, which I was, at first, very suspicious of. I tentatively opened one of the links (I love John Oliver) and finally opened all of them. is now on my permanent friends list.

I don’t know how I happened to get on your list, but I hope that I receive a lot more of these. Maybe I was from OK in a past life.

Bill Savage Jr.’s article on guns was a great laugh and, after checking his past writings, I find him very interesting and a guy with a political view similar to mine. I was at first concerned that he might be related to that stellar barbarian Michael Savage. I find that, intellectually at any rate, he is absolutely not.

Anyway, keep me on your list, and thanks be to the heavenly grid for getting me on it in the first place.

Jim Lynch
Erie, Pennsylvania

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