OKCPS board elections
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If you’re a parent with a child in an Oklahoma City school, you likely know something about the six remaining candidates in the OKCPS board elections.

For the rest of us, there’s this cheat sheet.

Three board positions, including chairperson, are at stake.

OKCPS at a glance

81 schools
41,074 students
2,541.53 full-time teachers
16.16 student-teacher ratio
13,683 ELL students
5,038 Students with IEPs

(NCES data, 2015-16)

While 195 votes separated the two OKCPS chairperson candidates in February’s general election, the District 1 and 2 races were even closer, with only 43 and 74 votes separating the two frontrunners, respectively.

If current District 4 member Paula Lewis wins her bid for chairperson, the board will appoint someone to fill that seat until the next school board election in February 2018.

The election is set for Tuesday. Check your voter registration to find your local polling place.

1Board chair candidate: Stanley Hupfeld

Profession: Current consultant and former president and CEO of Integris Health
Education experience: Former chairman of the Foundation for OKCPS; founder of Hupfeld Academy at Western Village
Platform: Hupfeld has mentioned plans to convert some existing schools into enterprise schools, which receive funding from partnered businesses; “pro charter for charters that work
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2Board chair candidate: Paula Lewis

Profession: Founder and occupational therapist at Oklahoma Therapy Institute; co-founder at Quest Pediatric Therapy
Education experience: Elected board member for District 4 in 2016; chairperson, OKCPS Wellness Committee; member, OKCPS Operations Committee
Platform: Progressive change; transparency and accountability
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3District 1: Charles Henry

Profession: Attorney; special judge with OKC municipal court
Education experience: Graduated Northwest Classen High School
Platform: Increase school funding to attract and retain teachers; supports charters if they can “help kids improve their lives
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4District 1: Cheryl Poole

Profession: Retired
Education experience: Former teacher; master’s degree in elementary education; 2001-2002 Teacher of the Year
Platform: Improving education quality; smart budgeting; attracting and retaining teachers
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5District 2: Rebecca Budd

Profession: Retired consultant
Education experience: OKCPS volunteer since 2014
Platform: Strategic school planning; budget management; supports “inclusive and accessible” charters; opposes vouchers/ESAs
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6District 2: Nick Singer

Profession: Legislative organizer for Oklahoma Education Association
Education experience: (see above)
Platform: Broadening educational opportunities; pro-public schools; opposes vouchers; wary of charters; favors more school bonds
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