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Monday afternoon, the Oklahoma House of Representatives is expected to vote on the major revenue bill within the Step Up Oklahoma plan. If HB 1033XX passes, a series of other bills within the Step Up plan would be considered as well.

In episode two of How We Got Here — a podcast from FKG Consulting in partnership with NonDoc — our three panelists discuss the Step Up Oklahoma plan through a series of questions:

  • How did we reach this point?
  • What groups have endorsed this plan?
  • What is included in the plan?
  • What are the politics of the Legislature considering the plan?
  • What are the energy taxes involved?
  • What constitutes the state’s larger budget picture?

Bryan Fried and Spencer Guinn of FKG, along with our editor in chief, William W. Savage III, also offer their opinions on what might happen if the vote fails in a manner similar to previous votes.

While it includes more reforms, income tax adjustments and a new wind tax, the Step Up plan is most similar to the “Plan A+” revenue proposal that fell five votes shy of the 76 needed for revenue measures. What remains to be seen is whether the Step Up Oklahoma revenue bill will receive more or fewer votes than “Plan A+” did.

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Questions about How We Got Here

After launching episode one of How We Got Here, a few readers and listeners posed questions about how a journalism publication has partnered with a lobbying and consulting firm to discuss political issues. In short, the answer is that How We Got Here focuses on the details and history of policy and politics that are often too complex for most print or television reporting.

While these podcasts are never intended to sway people toward one political position or another, we do label them “sponsored content” because FKG Consulting is paying NonDoc to produce, host and help distribute the information. When NonDoc staff members appear on these podcasts, however, they retain complete freedom to discuss issues as they would (and do) on local radio, TV or other podcasts. FKG members, meanwhile, offer listeners the sort of historical knowledge from Capitol insiders that the public rarely receives.

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(Editor’s note: How We Got Here is produced in partnership between NonDoc and FKG Consulting, a lobbying and public policy firm based in Oklahoma City. To view a list of FKG’s clients, go here.)


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