Norman roots
The OU Daily staff, including Ashiq Zaman, Josh McBee and William W. Savage III, gather together at a party for a group photo in 2007.

While the NonDoc world headquarters is located in Oklahoma City, our roots trace back to Norman. Each of our co-owners met in Norman and attended the University of Oklahoma. Rosemary Meacham-Zittel and William W. Savage III were both born and raised there. Savage, Josh McBee and Ashiq Zaman all worked together for a time at the OU Daily.

It seems fitting that, after putting our own roots down as a business and a trusted news source, we would return to Norman to reconnect with our friends and supporters there.

That is why we’ve chosen to host our next Writers’ Fund party at the faculty residence of political science professor Keith Gaddie at Headington College on the University of Oklahoma’s Norman campus on March 9. (Thank you, Dr. Gaddie!)

A chance to include the Norman community

This event will introduce community members to our team, provide opportunities for OU journalism students and continue the momentum of our Writers’ Fund — the crowd-sourcing component of the company. Bonus: Light refreshments will be provided.

One of the many suggestions we received from folks attending last year’s holiday party was that our Writers’ Fund community should come together more often. Closing out the year with everyone and collecting feedback about the direction we are headed and the news stories our readers are most interested in was rejuvenating. A short trip to Norman will help ensure we include the many readers there who are just as invested and engaged in our work.

Additionally, we are hoping to enhance our Writers’ Fund to the tune of $1,000, enough to cover 10 freelance stories. Since our inception in September 2015, we have published at least one post every single day. We know our readers enjoy our contributors’ content, and we have a long list of suggested topics we collected at our end-of-year party.

This additional funding will help us meet those expectations while providing freelance reporters with cash for covering important communities and topics. (Can’t make it? Sign up to become a Writers’ Fund contributor today.)

The specifics

When: 4:30 – 6:30 p.m., Friday, March 9
Where: Headington College, 200 W. Lindsey Street, Norman, OK, 73072
RSVP: Email or confirm on our Facebook event page.

Dr. Gaddie has arranged for us to park in the upper floors of the big parking garage south of the Headington College building. There will be no tickets issued after 4 p.m. As you walk out of the garage, you will be facing Headington College across the street. You can enter where it says, “Private residence, no entry.”

Extra! Extra! Savage has agreed to perform a rendition of Garth Brooks’ “Friends in Low Places” if we reach our fundraising goal. Don’t miss it!