NonDoc Media editor in chief Tres Savage delivers an end-of-year update to friends and supporters who attended our 2017 holiday party. (Ashiq Zaman)

Our “very merry NonDoc party” certainly was merry, thanks in large part to the food provided by Scottie’s Deli and the beer from Anthem Brewing Company. The key component, of course, was all of the wonderful people who make our work possible.

If I had to guess, there were around 50 to 60 people attending over the course of the party, which we all agreed was remarkable given the cold, yucky weather that day. Like they say, “If you beer them, they will come.” Right?

Highlights from 2017

At our growth party in July, we announced our 12-month growth plan. In half the time we gave ourselves, we reached all three of those goals. We delivered this update at our holiday party, and here are some of the highlights:

  • We landed our first office space, which has been helpful in collaborating as a team and inviting folks in to be a part of our work.
  • We hired our first client relations manager so that the rest of the staff could focus more time and energy on reporting.
  • We saw steady readership growth, with one month registering 100,000 page views.
  • We hosted the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Debate, which provided the community an opportunity to hear directly from the candidates.
  • We doubled the number of advertisers on our site.
  • We went into the party with 192 Writers’ Fund contributors and a goal to reach 200 by the end of the night. Fourteen people in attendance helped us surpass that goal, totaling 206 individual contributors last year!

Check out an interactive 360-degree image of editor in chief William W. Savage III recapping 2017’s growth highlights to party attendees below:

Be a part of our growth this year

We were able to publish some really wonderful freelance stories in 2017 because of the support of our Writers’ Fund community. A couple of our favorites were the very informative CBD oil piece by Jeff Packham and a truly lovely story by Heidi Brandes about Seminole’s own Jasmine Moran.

You can support local, independent journalism this year by joining our Writers’ Fund with a one-time contribution or a monthly contribution. In fact, we have 35 Keep It Local cards we will send to the first 35 people who make a one-time $15 contribution or become monthly contributors for the next year.

Our advertisers also play a large part in our success as an online publication. If you are interested in getting your business or campaign in front of our readers, consider becoming an advertiser in 2018.

Amy Stinnett served as NonDoc's client relations manager from October 2017 through November 2018. She holds a bachelor's degree in journalism from the University of Central Oklahoma. She also has served as Stand For Children Oklahoma's state operations coordinator.