Oklahoma podcasts

Two things became clear when researching Oklahoma podcasts for this article:

  1. They’re a dime a dozen.
  2. Sometimes they don’t last very long.

With regard to No. 2, it takes a considerable amount of effort to plan, record and post a podcast. Add to that the demands of building a following, marketing each episode on social media, scheduling guests and hammering out technical glitches, and it’s a wonder some last at all.

The following list is by no means exhaustive, but it does seek to highlight the hard work and talents of several Oklahoma-based podcasters who deserve recognition and a listen. As the seasons turn colder, familiarize yourself with some of these feisty productions, perfect for afternoons spent indoors or road tripping during the holidays.

(Editor’s note: To make the cut of this list, podcasts covered needed to have been in operation for at least six months and published at least one episode within the past 30 days.)

Mostly Harmless Media

Much like the appearance of certain musical acts on certain record labels, Mostly Harmless Media (MHM) is an OKC-based podcast label of sorts. It serves as an online repository for a handful of individual podcasts, each with its own focus, from political discussions to conversations about cartoons. While some podcasts under the imprint have come and gone, the following four remain hosted on MHM’s site.

We Apologize for the Inconvenience

Twitter bio: “A serious yet irreverant source for news about the things you want to do. Opinions and ideas for the urban adventurer.”

One of MHM’s main and first podcasts, We Apologize for the Invovenience (WAFTI) recently delved into a live-streaming format after taking a year-long hiatus. The live talk show format features hosts Stephen Tyler, Aaron Souders and John Souders interviewing guests. (In episode 38, WAFTI covered NonDoc’s launch party.)

Find WAFTI episodes on iTunes.

Mitchell Talks

Tagline: “How People Work & Play in Oklahoma”

This at-least weekly podcast features Scott Mitchell (from News 9’s Your Vote Counts TV show) analyzing and recapping ongoing news stories as well as interviewing local guests from the political realm. Recently, Mitchell partnered with News 9 to release episodes titled The News9 Sessions.


The Okie Show Show

Tagline: “A comedy podcast that explores the Heartland’s entertainment industries.”

Focusing on Oklahoma’s film and music industries, host Brian Gililland’s show represents one of the oldest podcasts on MHM’s roster, with episodes stretching back to November 2015. Live shows recorded on-location as well as how-tos feature prominently among the catalog.


Twitter bio: “Just an awkward dude talking music, anime & life in the 405.”

Having recently celebrated its one-year podcasting anniversary, Tunes/Toons features host Harold Storey covering animation, anime, music (hence the name) and more. Episodes one and three featured NonDoc contributors Mike Allen and James Nghiem, respectively.

Let’s Pod This

Those familiar with the civics-oriented organization known as Let’s Fix This will recognize the voice of Andy Moore as host of Let’s Pod This, the podcast extension of his state government-focused initiative. Since August 2017, Moore and pod-partner Scott Melson have regularly released episodes that focus on ongoing #okleg issues as well as interviews with candidates in active campaigns. (Let’s Fix This has partnered with NonDoc to co-host political debates.)

GoodTrash Media

Much like MHM, GoodTrash Media also serves as a podcast label but focuses more thematically on film and TV. Born among film enthusiasts at the University of Central Oklahoma in 2012, the group has a manifesto that states: “Movies are so much more than 90 minutes and a bucket of popcorn; they are a starting point for a conversation where we all can learn to be better people!”

GoodTrash GenreCast

Serving as the flagship podcast for the GTM group, the GenreCast focuses on film and seeks to bring critical theory to mainstream movies. Hosts Dustin Sells, Arthur Gordon and Dalton Stuart sometimes let their Patreon supporters dictate what films get discussed for an episode, as was the case with the latest installment in which Wong Kar Wai’s Fallen Angels received scrutiny.

The Praisedown

A bit of an outlier within the Good Trash group, The Praisedown reviews contemporary Christian music. Hosts Heath and Alex alongside producer Jillian release episodes every Tuesday.
The Praisedown with Heath and Alex – CyberChurch: Andy Hunter with Dustin Sells

The latest GTM imprints include the Dracula-focused Borgo Cast; the father-son film exploration series A Bad Feeling About This; a Game of Thrones recap show called The Cast Beyond the Wall; and Back to the Movies.

OK PolicyCast

Tagline: “The official podcast of Oklahoma Policy Institute. Interviews and lively discussion of the most important issues affecting Oklahoma.”

A product of the wonks over at the Oklahoma Policy Institute, OK PolicyCast has featured host Gene Perry interviewing people in the know since 2014. Topics range from politics in general to specific and timely issues like medical marijuana.

Tales Unveiled

Twitter bio: “Tales Unveiled follows two writers with different pursuits as they team up to research stories in their city.”

Tales Unveiled launched in May as the brainchild of the seemingly tireless Dennis Spielman (who also runs Uncovering Oklahoma) and writer Jeff Provine. The two adopt fictional personas to propel explorations of purportedly haunted places in OKC. Overholser Mansion, Skirvin Hotel and even the Tower Theatre appear in the duo’s first four episodes.

OKC Over Easy

Tagline: “food. friends. good vibes.”

OKC-based food blogger Malory Craft explores the metro’s culinary offerings in a podcast she has hosted since March 2016. Since then, Craft has hosted weekly guests (including OKC’s favorite rapper, Jabee) discussing gastronomical topics ranging from canned wine to Nutella. Along with Localites OKC below, The Spy FM airs weekly episodes.

Food, Booze, & Good Times

Similar to OKC Over Easy, this food-centric show features hosts Zach Stabler and Julie Boino illuminating the latest news surrounding all things dining, drinking and happening in OKC. The most recent episode covers the arrival of Bird scooters, Drunken Fry moving to a new location and the alcohol-modernization laws going into effect in October.

Localites OKC

Kayla Coffey and Anna Farha run the lifestyle audio blog known as Localites OKC. As one might guess, the show serves as a kind of community calendar of events for the planning pleasure of metro denizens.


Twitter bio: “Exploring the Trials of Growing Up Before the Internet”

Since 2016, this comedy podcast has featured anecdotes and interviews with local comedians, musicians and business owners (BOYS has also welcomed NonDoc contributor James Nghiem … twice). Helmed by Robby Harris, Josh Montgomery and Dylan Eubanks, this irreverent and obscenity-laced show feels like hanging out with some best buds.


Tagline: A Podcast for your Noggin

A product of Oklahoma Humanities, which is the state’s affiliate of the National Endowment for the Humanities, BrainBox has been publishing episodes since March. Host Chris Carroll interviews cerebral guests like NPR Radiolab founder and host Jad Abumrad, Rose State philosophy professor Toni Castillo, and UCO political science professor Ryan Kiggins.

Nerdz II Men

Tagline: “We talk nerdy about super hero movies, TV shows, comics, pop culture and much more!”

With episodes ranging from half an hour to just over an hour, two self-described nerds, Brad Reed and a man known simply as Cameo, seek to bring you up to date on the latest developments throughout nerd-dom.

Okie Geek

As one might expect, Okie Geek concerns itself with all things considered relevant to the realm of geekdom: comic books, gaming culture, cosplay, movies, books and more. Four hosts (Michael Cross, Devon Green, Joshua Unruh and Nikki Robinson), each with an area of expertise, have guided listeners through pop culture since 2015.

Blog Oklahoma Podcast

With an archive stretching back all the way to 2008, the Blog Oklahoma Podcast may be the oldest podcast in Oklahoma. Managed and hosted by Kevin Latham, the stated intent on the About page is ” to share Oklahoma life, news, information, music, and more from and for the Blog Oklahoma community,” the latter of which began in 2003 as a web ring for online Okies.

Sports podcasts

As an extension of, a website focusing on the University of Oklahoma’s football and basketball programs, The 4th & Goal Podcast podcast currently focuses on the Sooners’ gridiron exploits. Formerly known as the Oklahoma Updated Podcast, 4th & Goal features host Stephen Brown interviewing and talking with players, coaches and others.

For NBA fans, the Down to Dunk OKC Thunder Podcast features in-depth analysis of games, players and more as borught to you by Andrew Schlecht, Jay Smith, Luke Stephens, Taylor Dickerson and guests Michele Berra and Alex Speers.

If you’re more of a soccer fan, then check out the Off Pitch Podcast, a show produced by and about OKC’s MLS team, Energy FC.

Podcasts out of Tulsa

Tulsa-based Channel Four and a Half podcast network hosts about half a dozen active shows. Led by comedians Michael Zampino, Landry Miller, Hilton Price and Ethan Sandoval, the network boasts “thousands of listeners and more than 350 hours of content. Active shows in the network include:

Other podcasts out of Tulsa include:

UPDATE: Podcasts we missed on the first go-round

As one might imagine with the sheer volume of podcasts included in this list originally, the potential existed during the research phase of compiling this list for some productions to be overlooked. In the interest of comprehensiveness, we present the following entries that were brought to our attention after this piece originally published Sept. 18. Enjoy.

Media and the End of the World

Twitter bio: “A podcast about the politics of media.”

Now in its second season, University of Oklahoma faculty member Ralph Beliveau and assistant professor Adam Croom take listeners down the rabbit hole of current events and media through a critical lens. Several episodes of season two have included guest interviews, including the latest with Ed Kelley, dean of OU’s Gaylord College of Journalism and Mass Communication, discussing Sam Anderson’s Boom Town.

Talking Real

Even the Oklahoma Association of Realtors has gotten in on the podcasting game. On Talking Real, hosts Nabeel Jamal and Geoff Long cover topics of interest largely related to realty but also of interest outside of the industry, such as cryptocurrency, smart-home tech, opioids and emotional-support animals. Latest episode below was also recorded as a Facebook Live post.

Red Star over Oklahoma

Soundcloud bio: “We’re a small political and news podcast broadcasting about Left Oklahoma.”

Four self-described Okies run this show, which features discussions about left-leaning political issues in the Sooner State. Having operated for just over a year, topics have ranged from the recent legalization of medical marijuana in Oklahoma to the teacher walkout and fracking.

Don’t forget NonDoc’s own podcast: How We Got Here

Believe us when we say we understand the realities of the podcast struggle firsthand. Since January 2018, NonDoc has produced the How We Got Here podcast in partnership with FKG Consulting, a lobbying and public policy firm based in Oklahoma City. In each episode, all participants speak freely on the topic at hand.