Edmond City Council Ward 1
David Chapman, left, and Devyn Denton, right, squared off April 2 for Edmond's Ward 1 City Council race. (NonDoc)

Running for public office might not be one’s idea of relaxing, but for Edmond City Council Ward 1 candidate Devyn Denton it’s not as intense as her day job.

A trauma nurse, Denton faces University of Central Oklahoma professor David Chapman in Edmond’s April 2 general election.

Denton said she surveyed the Ward 1 landscape and decided to get in the race. She’s the only woman on the ballot in any of Edmond’s city races.

“Running is another way of getting involved in the community,” she said. “I was hopeful there would be more women running for leadership positions in Edmond because I think it’s important we have women at the table.”

For Chapman, the decision to run is rooted in a move to downtown Edmond from east of Interstate 35 about five years ago when he and his wife built their forever home.

“I had been teaching urban and suburban concepts in my classes, and I thought it was time to walk the walk,” he said. “We looked around, but we decided we wanted to stay in Edmond so we moved downtown. That led me to getting involved in how we shape downtown.”

Ward 1 runs from Kelly Avenue to Coltrane Road, and from Coffee Creek Road to 15th Street, but an unusual municipal code allows all registered voters in Edmond to vote in the general elections of any city council seat.

All Edmond voters are eligible to vote in the April 2 election for the city’s Ward 1 City Council race. (Provided)

David Chapman, 54


Profession: College professor, realtor

Experience: Served on the Central Urban Development Board

Platform: Chapman wants to increase economic development in Edmond, but he wants it to be done smartly.

“I want to build trust with citizens by approving smart, sustainable developments that will continue to balance the strategic growth we’ve seen,” Chapman said.

Chapman also wants to see continued improvement of streets.

“We’ve seen some improvement but we have to complete the transportation projects including the intelligent streetlights that we need to have throughout the city,” he said. “We also have some wastewater and street projects that need to be finished. We can’t continue to grow unless we do it properly.”

Favorite thing about Edmond: “I love the sense of community. The city is built on its parks, its public art and its school system, but we also take care of one another.”

Why should someone vote for you?: “I have a unique set of qualifications you don’t normally find on a city council. I have advanced degrees in real estate construction management and policy studies and I’ve run several¬†businesses. I understand water and sewer systems to the degree I can vote and talk about them and ask questions.”

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Devyn Denton, 40


Profession: Trauma nurse

Experience: A life-long resident, Denton has served in the Edmond community in a variety of capacities, including volunteer firefighter and teacher.

Platform: Denton cited a half dozen central issues she would focus on if elected. Those include finding ways to ease traffic problems, expanding mass transit and making sure those who come before the council are heard.

“A big complaint I hear from people is they aren’t be listened to,” Denton said. “I also think we could be doing more to inform citizens. I have connections throughout the community and I will make sure people feel like they matter.”

Denton also champions shopping local.

“I try never to buy anything from a chain unless I have to,” Denton said. “I think it’s important we support local businesses while also making sure we’re attractive for other businesses that want to come here and do good things for the community.”

Favorite thing about Edmond: “It’s 100 percent the people and the relationships. I always say we are Edmond strong. If someone needs help people step up.”

Why should someone vote for you?: “I’m the underdog in this race but I’ve lived in Edmond all my life. I know the community and what our problems are and I think I have good ideas on how to fix them. I’m also a good listener, and would be a voice for everyone in the ward.”

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