In 2019, Nick Brooke's family erected a Muellerbox near the corner of Northwest 36th Street and North Youngs Avenue in Oklahoma City to give away free copies of the Mueller Report. (Provided)

To celebrate Independence Day this year, my family erected a Muellerbox to give away copies of the Mueller Report. I ordered a new mailbox and lots of books, designed a weatherproof sign and some bookplates with my wife, borrowed a posthole digger from my dad, and installed the box with my daughter. Since then, we’ve distributed more than 70 books and a few dozen voter registration forms.

Not long ago, a reporter from The Oklahoman stopped by to get the scoop: Why would anyone spend hundreds of dollars to give away copies of this bound Mueller Report book to strangers?

The answer is simple: We are alarmed. Our nation is in grave danger, and we feel a duty to warn others while we still can. The Mueller Report explains that the president is a criminal, but he cannot be prosecuted for his crimes while in office.

The president is not above the law. The U.S. Constitution begins “We the People,” written in letters three times the size of the rest. Our laws are made by the people, and all citizens, including the president — particularly the president — are subject to our laws. A president unrestrained by law is a dictator; a president known to violate the law must be removed from power immediately. To accept anything less is to surrender the freedom to live under the rule of law; to make ourselves, and each other, subordinate to his rule, instead of our own. Will you bend the knee to Donald Trump?

For years the president has used his bully pulpit to broadcast a steady stream of anti-American propaganda around the world: journalists are the “enemy of the people;” immigrants “infest our country;” political dissent is “treason;” civil government servants are part of a subversive “deep state;” political corruption is good; the president is above the law. No. The president is a demagogue. Many of our elected representatives debase themselves and their high office by pretending otherwise, rejecting the evidence of their eyes & ears, and ignoring the hard lessons of history. You should not be so foolish.

Recently we learned that the president has solicited foreign interference in the 2020 election from Ukraine. It is impossible to conduct a free and fair election if the incumbent can break election laws with impunity. Impeachment and removal from office is the only lawful remedy. Contact your representatives and demand that they remove the president from office so he can be brought to justice for his crimes. Insist that they faithfully discharge their sworn duty to defend our Constitution. Your voice matters.

Individual-1’s crimes are thoroughly documented in public court filings, news reporting and the Mueller Report. The president is guilty and is corruptly leveraging the power of his office to remain in power; history assures us that he will get worse until we stop him, together.

Do you disagree? Please read the report and decide for yourself.