Edmond City Council
Christin Mugg, Darrell Davis and Stacie Peterson talked to NonDoc about their goals for Edmond. (NonDoc)

Edmond’s new mayor, Darrell Davis, and the newest members of the Edmond City Council, Ward 3 representative Christin Mugg and Ward 4 representative Stacie Peterson, were sworn into office by Judge Diane Slayton during a ceremony May 3.

Davis is a longtime city councilmember, but Mugg and Peterson are holding office for the first time. In order to help community members get to know their new leaders better, NonDoc recently asked all three questions about their goals for Edmond, their relationships with constituents and their thoughts on the recent controversy over a planned development near E.C. Hafer Park.

The responses below were provided by email before the May 10 meeting where councilmembers unanimously postponed consideration of a sales tax election related to Hafer Park. Answers have been lightly edited for clarity and style.

Edmond City Council
Former Edmond City Councilmember Darrell Davis is sworn in as mayor during a ceremony on Monday, May 3, 2021. (Megan Prather)

What are some issues of focus regarding your ward and the City of Edmond in general? 

Darrell Davis: My vision of Edmond is to smartly plan its growth and revitalization. We must put opportunities in place that will allow citizens, businesses and visitors opportunities to enjoy our city. We need to stay proactive in addressing street/road improvements, smart planning, public safety and future business opportunities.

Christin Mugg: Improve and protect our parks and recreational areas, continue efforts to improve traffic flow, continue development of downtown Edmond and the I-35 corridor and work with residents and city staff on the Veterans Memorial being discussed for Bickham-Rudkin Park.

Stacie Peterson: Ward 4 has some hot-spot traffic intersections. These areas have been identified. There are, in fact, several intersections throughout the Edmond city limits which have also been determined. Each of these intersections is being worked on by the level of safety needs and volume of traffic. I intend to keep apprised on these projects and do my part in seeing them completed. The continuation of the planning for east Edmond is going to be a priority as well.

How do you plan to engage residents and involve them in the decision-making process?

Davis: I have always been open to discuss issues that impact Edmond with our citizens. We have over 25 boards and commissions they can potentially serve on and become a part of the decision-making process. If someone is interested, they can go to the link to submit their application.

Mugg: I plan to be available to residents for calls and in-person meetings every Friday. I will also reach out to and encourage residents to attend committee and board meetings in areas of interest.

Peterson: This city belongs to the residents! It is extremely important to keep them informed and engaged. The city’s website is a great source of what is going on in the city. City Council meetings are open to the public, and I will always be available via email or telephone. There are other online sources as well, such as yours (NonDoc), which are informative. I am hopeful a local paper will again be a great source of information and a possible way for residents who do not utilize online sources to become informed and engaged once again.

Edmond City Council
Christin Mugg was sworn in as Edmond City Council Ward 3 representative during a ceremony on Monday, May 3, 2021. (Megan Prather)

What is your initial reaction to the proposed $0.0025 one-year sales tax to expand or protect E.C. Hafer Park by purchasing the adjoining 22-acre lot of land that has been proposed for development? 

Davis: Spring Creek and E.C. Hafer Park are jewels to our community, and I hope any action taken does not harm either entity. The City Council (…) will decide if it will place the proposed sales tax increase on a special election (ballot) in the fall. If the council decides, then the citizens of Edmond will determine if the land will be purchased.

Mugg: I am looking forward to discussing with the full council [May 24] when we will vote on setting an election.

Peterson: I support the residents of Edmond voting on the proposed $0.0025 one-year sales tax to purchase the adjoining land to E. C. Hafer park.

In January, the Edmond City Council voted to purchase enough body cameras to fully outfit the city’s police officers by May. Is this still on track? What do you tell residents frustrated by the delay?

Davis: The final purchases of the police body cameras unfortunately did take longer than planned. I was not aware of any citizen who was frustrated by the delay. If citizens were frustrated by the delay, I recommend in the future they contact their respective city councilperson, mayor or city manager to receive a response.

Mugg: With respect to the whether this issue is on track, I encourage you to speak with the police department. I am looking forward to learning more about this topic as I integrate into the council role.

Peterson: The body cameras for the police officers have all been received. Every Edmond police officer has been equipped.

Edmond City Council
Judge Diane Slayton swore in Stacie Peterson as Ward 4 Representative of the Edmond City Council at a ceremony on Monday, May 3, 2021. (Megan Prather)

Are there any city projects that you’re currently excited about or want to pursue?

Davis: I still have a passion for our city parks and trails system. We continue to look for opportunities to expand and enhance them. Increasing the recreational and mobility options for the community is important to me.

The continued growth of downtown Edmond as a future destination area is great to be a part of. With new, diverse businesses opening up and expanding entertainment and art opportunities, I look forward to what downtown will become in the future. (Also) the development of (the) Eastside 2050 Plan and embracing the economic opportunities that come from I-35 and Route 66.

Mugg: I am excited the mayor has assigned me as a member of the Edmond Economic Development Authority board and the Finance and Audit Committee.

Peterson: I am super excited about the downtown projects, Stevenson Park, everything going on at Arcadia Lake and the possibilities on the Covell/I-35 corridor. It is also extremely important to encourage the growth and prosperity of small and local businesses for our economy.

What is your favorite thing about the city of Edmond?

Davis: Edmond still holds the same values that attracted my family. It is a safe community, the schools are still performing at a high standard and there is a sense of community.

Mugg: It is hard to pick one thing! Edmond’s public art and beautiful parks and walking/biking trails are definitely unique to Edmond.

Peterson: My favorite thing about Edmond is hands down the people!! I have lived here almost all my life, and I have not ever been anywhere else that had the amazing people like Edmond does.