Sunday, December 15, 2019

NonDoc’s efforts are funded through advertising by businesses and organizations who share a belief in the power of quality content and responsible reporting.

All advertisers agree to support the spirit and ethics of independent journalism, and NonDoc strives to be transparent regarding who our financial supporters are.

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Digital banner ads

NonDoc offers several placement options for high-resolution digital banner ads. We have a rotating system that can place multiple messages in a single spot, or claim 100 percent of a given placement by purchasing all available spots. Weekly pricing starts as low as $100 for 10 percent of our header-banner placements.

360-degree imaging

Through the use of a cutting-edge camera, NonDoc has the capability to provide your business with 360-degree images. Clients can use these images to offer their target market a “virtual tour” of a space, such as a property for sale or new restaurant. Further, Facebook can handle these files natively, so sharing on social media is a snap.

Email advertising

With over 4,500 subscribers and an open rate above the industry average, NonDoc’s weekly email newsletter is a powerful marketing tool for companies and organizations seeking to pinpoint a target demographic. We offer banner placements at the top of the email to run for as long as clients specify.

Funded Content as advertising

As part of our advertising, NonDoc works with companies who want to align their marketing strategies with our brand.

In features that we label as “Funded Content,” our goal is to help companies or organizations tell their own stories — or that of their product — in a creative way that engages readers even when they know the post is Funded Content.

A banner and other designations note advertising content as “funded,” but that content is still based in fact and tailored in a way to appeal to readers. Funded Content is provided for one-time fees or in conjunction with advertising contracts, and it remains live online in perpetuity.

Funded Content Examples


Change direction: CareerTech helps people succeed

(Editor's note: The following piece is presented as part of an advertising package purchased by Fowler Auto Group in 2019.) One high school afternoon spent...

Pivot wants to change your understanding of trauma

(Editor's note: The following piece is presented as part of an advertising package purchased by Blue Sky Bank and gifted to Pivot, Inc. in...

Amber Integrated: New firm can meet multiple needs

Earlier this month, the partners at FKG Consulting, Oklahoma’s largest government relations firm, merged with the campaign and marketing firm The Right Strategy Group...
health care data

Data is power: Health care steps into the future

(Editor's note: The following piece is presented as part of an advertising package purchased by the Oklahoma Hospital Association in 2019.) Today, metadata and individual...
Oklahoma Hospital Association

After 100 years, Oklahoma Hospital Association focused on future

This week, the Oklahoma Hospital Association will gather for its 100th annual convention Nov. 13-15 at the Cox Convention Center in Oklahoma City. On...
dental hygiene should be a priority

Dr. Barry Amos: ‘Dental hygiene should be a priority’

October is National Dental Hygiene Month, and as a long time advertiser and friend of NonDoc, Dr. Barry Amos of Designs in Dentistry has...
school board members

School board members can access required trainings online for free

Did you know that all elected public school board members have had to attend either in-person workshops or watch online videos to receive credits...

July 13 & 14: Free dental, vision, medical care in Weatherford

Any individual can receive free dental, vision or general medical care Saturday, July 13, and Sunday, July 14, at the Pioneer Event Center in...

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