Saturday, January 23, 2021


Steven Adams

Farewell Steven Adams, OKC’s second Mr. Thunder

So Sam Presti finally did it. The Thunder roster as we knew it is no more, blown up for the eventual rebuilding of a...
Baker Mayfield

Watch OU’s Baker Mayfield prance around gracefully

The dancing skills of OU quarterback Baker Mayfield have been well documented. But a new video from’s imaginative multimedia crew shows how he —...
Oklahoma Sooners

Bars, parties and football during a global pandemic

When the Oklahoma Sooners kick off their season Saturday night against Missouri State, the stadium will feel empty, but nearby Campus Corner will not. The...
Boomers and Sooners

Better to be Okies than Boomers and Sooners

The term “Okie” is the presumed pejorative with which Oklahomans have been coping in one way or another since 1939 when John Steinbeck publicized...
Sooners fans

Rough Saturday for Sooners fans

This is a thing among sports fanbases, if you didn't know. After the OU Sooners' loss to Kansas State on Saturday, I have to ask:...
college football

College football fun dampened by COVID-19 risks

I fully admit: I'm probably one of those people. This college football season, the University of Oklahoma, as well as most other universities around...
Mike Gundy

Mike Gundy has shirt problems

If there's one thing Mike Gundy should understand with his career as the head coach of the Oklahoma State football program, it's T-shirts. His...
throw the ball away

High school QBs penalized if they throw the ball away

Intentional grounding. Five-yard penalty from the spot of the foul. Loss of down. Those are 14 words that no quarterback, coach or high school football...

John Blake’s OU tenure helped me value little victories

Tears were shed. Cheers were yelled. Hugs were given. Grass was even yanked from the field as mementos of the occasion. The John Blake era...
Top Daug returns

All ears: OU basketball gets it right as Top Daug returns

It's finally happening: The return of the best mascot ever and all of his hype antics along with him. When Top Daug returns for...

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