civil asset forfeiture

Have you ever read or watched the news and suspected there’s something more to a story? Or maybe something that has been published just doesn’t smell right? Or perhaps you just want some additional analysis, or a critique?

If you read The Daily Filter, you’ll find a curated set of published stories that are given the “NonDoc treatment” by a member of our Editorial Board. We will highlight quality journalism by adding additional facts or institutional knowledge when possible, and we won’t be afraid to critique journalism gone wrong.

The Daily Filter may be applied to something widely disseminated across social media, or it may accentuate a more obscure story unearthed by a contributor.

Like most in the online media game, we will be trying to find a proper balance of content. The Daily Filter will afford us the chance to sift through major news cycles and make sure important topics are not lost among the rigmarole of modern scandal chasing and cat videos.

We will cite our sources regularly, and we will dedicate our stronger opinions to full commentary pieces.  But we hope the Daily Filter can be a tool to promote discussion about media and track topics we care about. Of course, it will occasionally provide us a moment to reflect on absurdity.

Let us know what you think works and what doesn’t.