(Katie Williams)

The Passenger
by Katie Williams

Storms a brewin in my brain
Hobo ridin on a train
Hey mister do you know
The way down to ol’ Mexico
He smiled a grin of rotten teeth
No soul was there underneath
South, he said and turned around
That’s where all lost ones are bound
I held on tight to boxcar rails
Hell would surely write the tale
Just then the train took a turn
My stomach then began to churn
I looked outside at cemeteries
Gravestones underneath canaries
Epitaphs with lines revealing
Character of human beings
If I died aboard this train
Who would surely feel the pain
Enough to write a lick or two
About the person they once knew
Perhaps one day I’ll surely know
As I watch the green grass grow
High above this railroad train
Resting on clouds full of rain
Remembering my flesh filled body
Seeing life in all its folly

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