Stranger in Love …
by Chantelle Cherie Cox

Late night on the I can’t sleep train … It just keeps going Nowhere Fast and Time Is not of essence unfortunately. The only thing I can think is Write a Write of Feeling that stows upon me this evening. And so with Her Magical Pen and this in heart she began …

Stranger things have Happened I must Say. It must lead to something greater than the unknown I pray it leads me straight to You and You to Me anticipation it has killed me before I feel it’s different this time though … Beautiful?! One might ask: My Reply is only this to you, Beyond Beautiful He is indeed but of this you would only know if my eyes were yours for a moment in this time to see just as I see He. Stranger things as said have happened indeed. Scared? Yes! Terrified if I must add, Not of One Another But of Each Self and what we both harbor. “What If” we just gave up He on I and I on He “What if” I don’t want that to be Our Goodbye; We Just Began this journey him and I “What if” Is not in Our Stars so why are we Fighting A War Within knowing The outcome of Our own self Battle Neither one of us has yet to win. I give you this very day the key to my domain my Sacred Place Very few have ever been allowed in please remember they don’t make duplicates be cautious yet gentle what your holding Is beyond repair if ever broken or filled with despair. One last thing I must write on the lines of your Soul, so if ever apart you may hear them whisper upon every beat of your heart: Not by Accident … Coincidence Agreed! Only Angels hear the tears of pain we cry the ones that fall from our eyes and flood our souls beyond our control … Perhaps we pained simultaneously that day for we may never know how our story was told only how it’s supposed to read: You — Me — Our beautiful destiny.