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A comic by Mike Allen

Valentine's Day
Happy Valentine’s Day, consumers! (Mike Allen)


I like to think I’ve reached a reasonable level of intelligence in my years on this Earth, but I have to admit something: I didn’t fully understand the slogan, “Every kiss begins with Kay,” until very recently. In my limited thinking — and perhaps this makes me a great consumer — I thought “Well, you buy a woman a diamond; she gives you a kiss.”

Makes enough sense I guess.

These ads are in heavy rotation every year around Valentine’s Day, and for the most part I pay them no mind. Last year however, I had a light-bulb moment. After hearing it for what I believed to be the 1,000th time, it dawned on me that, yes, the word “kiss” does begin with the letter “k.” Genius! I didn’t know whether to feel elated I had discovered this or feel depressed it had taken me so long.

I settled on allowing the jingle, and this time of year, to be a reminder to laugh at myself.

— Mike Allen

I’m Freezing
by Bipin Khatiwada

I’m freezing.
You little dews unite at winter.
I can’t feel my fingers.
I remain inside my blankets
Without working until the powerful dews vanish.
Makes me prisoner in a room
For the whole winter.
One day I will come out of my bed,
Take a deep breath,
And start to collect grains.
Until the dews unite again.

Heaven Behind Wolves
by Bipin Khatiwada

There exists a heaven
reached through a giant den
popular with wolves
guarding heaven from the poor.
Oh God, save my heaven.
Outside is ruled by a the devil
and damaged by evil.
Nobody cares.
Listen all predators.
My father is a hard worker.
He fights for food and life,
always helpful and cheerful.
He never commits a crime.
Wolves retreat from their den
to hunt him at times.
They block the main passage
to heaven.
It must be innocence.
My heavenly brothers open doors
in hope of making us free,
but I smell wolves increasing
in my world to change its shape.
Who cares for it?
Oh my sisters,
please hear my words.
I am afraid someday cruel wolves
might take you away.
Hey! All sons and daughters,
Respect your mothers.
Make them happy.
It’s your time to protect your heaven,
From polluted vulture’s eyes.

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