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Rebel, Rebel
by Derek Geiger

Rebel, rebel,
Kick the bass. Distort the treble.
Show us how to keep it level
And be ourselves as we revel
In the voice from painted bezel,
Your words silken like mother’s milk
Reminding all of our queer ilk
We can be heroes for one day
And avoid poisoned words they say
To keep us down in wicked towns
Across the world darkened by frowns.
Despite the news of end of days,
You stayed bright, burning through the haze
Of cancerous diagnosis.
I thank GOD that you chose us
For one last auditory burst,
For, without you we would be cursed
To hide within, or even worse,
Might look with longing on the hearse
As an escape from foolish men
Who claim our existence is sin.

Rebel, rebel,
Burning bright,
You burned out.
You burned out right.


For Emily
by Derek Geiger

My soulmate died
Ninety-nine years
‘Fore I was even born.

Her lack of pride
Rings in my ears,
Her inner thoughts, forlorn.

She finds me sad
And happy makes
To spy a kindred Soul,

But then I, mad,
With sullen shakes
Still try to fill the hole

That remains there
Left in me and
Abiding evermore

As though my fair
Love’s on a strand
On some faraway shore.


‘Did you wash your mouth with acid?’” by Mike Allen & Gary Reddin


‘Life’s got reckoning to do’” by Mike Allen & James Coburn