Filter: SNL triggers Trump tweet, Alec Baldwin responds


If one of the small victories of a Donald Trump presidency will be more frequent TV appearances from Alec Baldwin then I will at least take solace in that.

The actor once again donned The Donald wig to reprise his role as the POTUS-elect on Saturday Night Live this weekend. The skit itself was a little on the meh side, but its target was none too amused.

Trump took to Twitter within an hour of the show’s east-coast air time, calling out Baldwin’s impersonation as “just can’t get any worse.” Baldwin responded the following day with a tweet to Trump saying he would stop impersonating the business mogul if he would only release his tax records.

As mentioned in the skit above, Inauguration Day is only about seven weeks away. At the same time, there will be only two more episodes of SNL in 2016. As Trump continues to bloviate on Twitter about matters previously unbecoming of Commander in Chief, it will be interesting to see if SNL and Baldwin can out-funny real life.

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Quotes to note

“You are the president-elect. Pick your f—ing battles man. You are embarrassing yourself.”

— Twitter user Danielle Muscato, whose response to Donald Trump’s criticism of Saturday Night Live’s parody of him went viral, 8/12/16

“It’s ferocious. It’s very dirty. You’ve got to respect that he’s rocking it.”

— OU quarterback Baker Mayfield, on OSU football coach Mike Gundy’s mullet, 12/2/16

“When I first got elected to the council, Jack would beat me around like a cat with a ball of yarn every week. I’d go home so outraged and angry, and I’d tell my wife, ‘Can you believe what Jack Henderson said?’ And she said, ‘I watched. I kind of agreed with Jack.'”

— Tulsa Mayor-elect G.T. Bynum, reminiscing on the eve of outgoing City Councilman Jack Henderson’s exit, 11/30/16

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