The Holey Kids' "Confessional" installation-based performance piece will be open from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. Saturday at Current Studio in OKC. (Current Studio)

On Wednesday, Oklahoma City Rev. Lori Walke called for Oklahoma lawmakers (and the state as a whole) to confess their sins against the LGBT community.

Whether it was the predatory power play of one man over a teenage boy, discriminatory legislation or simply failing to follow the “Greatest Commandment” to love your neighbor, Oklahomophobia keeps would-be Christians from fulfilling their duty. In turn, her NonDoc commentary posited the need for confession.

As luck would have it, Walke’s article just happens to coincide with an ongoing performance-art piece that highlights the act of confession. For those burdened with repressed guilt (*cough* legislators *cough*), the installation at Current Studio provides food for thought on the potentially cathartic act of verbalizing secrets in a completely anonymous way.

The Holey Kids present ‘Confessional’

OKC-based art duo The Holey Kids consists of Father Holey and Mother Holey. To get to know them, their art and the story of their masks, watch this:

The performance-based installation piece they’ve created for Current Studio’s ongoing EVOLVE exhibit consists of a makeshift confessional booth. Although its cardboard construction and heavy black outlines lend it a cartoon-y aesthetic, the concept behind the piece is high-minded.

From The Holey Kids’ artist statement:

Confessional was deeply inspired by losses we’ve each endured and the role(s) we wish we could’ve taken. We have created this makeshift haven, in hopes to house your stories. For you, Confessional is a moment to shed or share safely. Each word silenced and covered in a blanket of sound. For us, Confessional is an opportunity to be the deaf ears to whom you voice your secrets. We are here. Welcome.

To make “Confessional” work, a participant must walk into one side of the confessional booth. Mother or Father Holey will be on the other side. The participant then confesses whatever weighs heavy on their hearts, but The Holey Kids will not be able to see or hear them. The artists wear headphones and earmuffs to block out all external sound, and dark blankets obstruct their vision.

Saturday is last chance for ‘Confession’

From 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. Saturday, The Holey Kids will be on hand to “take” your confessions one last time. Admission is free. Current Studio’s EVOLVE exhibit also features Sarah Engel-Barnett, Suzanne Thomas, Erin Latham, Kelly Rogers and Lauren Zuniga. The exhibit as a whole will end Sunday with a closing reception.

For more information, check out the official Facebook event for “Confessional” or visit Current Studio.