current occupant of the White House

“I think the president is clearly insane in several ways.”

So said Mark Twain about Theodore Roosevelt.

H.L. Mencken, more concerned with the absence of intellect among politicians than he was with their neuroses, once argued that one day the American electorate would throw in the towel altogether and vote a “downright moron” into the White House.

Mencken died in 1956 and thus did not see the election of George W. Bush, whom many viewed as the fulfillment of old H.L.’s prophecy.

Well, as John Wayne often said, “Not hardly.”

The Current Occupant (whose name one dare not speak, lest it bring an attack of tweets) would provide ample fodder to confirm Twain’s remarks and cause Mencken to say, “Told ya so.”

Has the Current Occupant ever read a book?

My problem with current politics is that I liked Ike. Let’s see: He was a man with military experience. No heel spurs there. He had an age-appropriate wife and did not boast of sexual prowess, conquests or whatever.

Ike was also once the president of an actual university. And he wrote eloquently in his own English. Hmm….

He was no elitist. Despite his honors and achievements, Ike was a man of the people, unlike that so-called egghead, Adlai Stevenson. Ike had the dignity and decorum the American people expected and deserved from the president of the United States.

One wonders what the Current Occupant’s alma mater — the University of Pennsylvania, one hears — thinks of his doings. Of course, there’s nothing like a large donation to put even the scuzziest alumnus in good standing.

In the interest of fake news, somebody ought to check that out.

And while they’re at it, see if anybody in Philadelphia can remember seeing the Current Occupant reading a book. Or a magazine. Or a newspaper.

Or participating in any other activity that might smack of intellectual engagement with anything of importance.