Patriotism or Humanism?
by Bipin Khatiwada

Sounds cry during conflicts of brothers.
I touch my left chest with my right hand.
Feels like they are hurting their mother.
My wet eyebrows collapse and open.
Two pieces of cloth flutter high.
And both are swinging in one direction.
Those who set them are from two directions.
One says,”Leave my territory.”
Another shouts louder,”It’s my glory.”
Do flags cause a conflict between brothers?
Is patriotism destroying humanism?
I see the ragged face of an old fellow.
He wears a torn out short.
And looks kindly upward to the flags.
Can’t afford for a single shirt.
Wishes to get the fluttering clothes to cover.
They are fighting for land still having a lot.
The old man never had shelter in a hut.
Mother Earth whispers in my ears,
“Humanism is greater than Patriotism.”

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