Teachers hold signs protesting low education funding in the halls of the Oklahoma State Capitol on Monday, April 2, 2018.(Elizabeth Sims)

As the old Gil Scott Heron quote goes, the revolution will not be televised. The poet could not have foreseen, however, that it would unfold in real time on social media.

As such, NonDoc presents the following multimedia snippets from the first few hours of April 2’s teacher walkout. Below, video and images show lawmakers revealing their personal and political stances on the walkout; teachers explaining why they’re demonstrating at the State Capitol today; and signs from other teachers and public employees, who also demand change for their state-funded industry.

Edmond teachers: ‘We haven’t had a raise in 10 years’

Reagan Ledbetter with [Unfiltered], a community journalism project housed out of the University of Oklahoma’s Gaylord College in partnership with News 9, NonDoc, News on 6 and CNHI newspapers, filmed the following interviews along with NonDoc interns Garrett Davis, Elizabeth Sims and Nicole Nielsen.

Cleveland: ‘I think they should be in school teaching’

Rep. Bobby Cleveland (R-Slaughterville) talks about the circumstances regarding the introduction of HB 1010XX, the latest education-funding bill, on which he voted no.

McBride: ‘The Democrats reached out to me’

Rep. Mark McBride (R-Moore) explains the provenance of his yes vote on the latest plan to fund education and public employees and also speaks about ongoing divisiveness within Oklahoma’s Republican party.

Ford: ‘I hope I’m wrong’

Like Cleveland, Rep. Roger Ford (R-Midwest City) bemoans receiving last week’s revenue bill late and without having proper time to study it, in turn influencing him to vote against it.


A musical interlude

Music instructors lead students in a rendition of Pink Floyd’s Another Brick In The Wall.

Sign language

Via Twitter, here’s a glimpse of some signs from demonstrators who braved frigid temperatures earlier Monday morning at the Capitol:

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Also, for those with children in the OKCPS, they have a section of their web site currently dedicated to posting updates.