Kevin Calvey
Rep. Kevin Calvey (R-OKC) speaks with educators in his office Monday, April 2, 2018, during the first day of teacher rallies at the Oklahoma State Capitol. (Elizabeth Sims)

The Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation is attempting to identify who left a voicemail on the office line of Rep. Kevin Calvey (R-OKC) that used sexually explicit statements to disparage his wife and 9-year-old daughter.

In the 43-second voicemail, a male caller references Kevin Calvey’s wife, Toni, and one of their children by name. NonDoc obtained the recording but has chosen not to publish the sexual phrases used within. The caller employs a racial slur against Kevin Calvey and calls his daughter “ugly” and “a fucking moron.”

“My [legislative assistant] was checking voicemails in the early afternoon,” the northwest Oklahoma City representative told NonDoc. “She heard it, was alarmed and called the Highway Patrol. They pulled me out of a committee meeting, and we alerted Toni, and then they called the OSBI.

“The thing that concerned me was referencing my wife and daughter by name. It’s different when they’re talking about your wife and kids.”

Toni Calvey, who is eight months pregnant, said the call made her fear for her family’s safety.

“It hurt my heart a little bit today because I had to go through what to do in a threatening situation with our kids,” Toni Calvey said. “The necessity to do that was painful to me. To leave a message saying our daughter’s name and it be something of a sexual nature, it’s terrifying to me and is not acceptable.”

Many educators and other members of the public, who have been rallying at the Capitol for additional education funding since April 2, are frustrated with lawmakers like Kevin Calvey who have cast multiple votes in the past two years against revenue packages.

Oklahoma teacher walkout
Rep. Kevin Calvey (R-OKC) received a voice mail on his office phone that reportedly included threats of sexual assault against his wife and daughter. (Elizabeth Sims)

Sutton: ‘Galactic idiot has OSBI looking for him’

House Speaker Charles McCall (R-Atoka) received a similar voicemail containing vulgarities Wednesday, according to Jason Sutton, McCall’s communications director. Sutton said the message left for McCall did not include the same threatening language as Calvey’s voicemail, but he said OSBI was made aware of it as well.

“It was incredibly pathetic and vulgar,” Sutton said of the caller’s voicemails. “And it didn’t accomplish anything, except now this galactic idiot has OSBI looking for him.”

Both Kevin and Toni Calvey said the situation became even more alarming early Wednesday evening when a local TV station came to their house to interview them.

“Channel 4 was here interviewing us about this,” Kevin Calvey said. “After they left, they rang the doorbell again saying they found a note in their car door saying the neighborhood doesn’t support free-market legislators.”

Toni Calvey said no politician — regardless of political party — should receive threats against his or her family.

“I think that everybody should be bothered by this,” she said, noting that Democrat lawmakers should not have their families threatened either. “It would be horrible. I would be praying for them just as much as I am praying for my family. No politician should have to go through this.”

Kevin Calvey said the majority of conversations he has had with education advocates over the past two weeks have been positive and respectful.

“I’ve seen a few nasty things on social media and things like that. Civil discourse and even disagreement are the American way, but the heavy-handed stuff ends up emboldening creeps like this,” Kevin Calvey said. “I think people need to know that there is an undercurrent on this thing that is really dark. The vast majority of teachers are really nice, but there is an undercurrent.”

A message left by NonDoc for OSBI spokeswoman Jessica Brown was not returned by the time this article published.