To the editors:

For those who are concerned about SCOTUS and a possible reversal of the Obergefell and Windsor decisions recognizing marriage equality in MAGALand, you’ll want to read the article linked below.

It offers no assurance a reversal won’t happen, only that it’s unlikely. There’s no confidence in the use of subjective adverbs that only hint at reassurance and stability on a topic of vital interest to all American citizens: the already same-gendered married, those thinking about tying the knot, and those who are prayerfully wanting their version of god to intervene with SCOTUS and put the hinges back on the gay-and-lesbian closet door.

SCOTUS decisions are indeed overturned. Plessy v. Ferguson instituted officially separate but equal public facilities, overturned by Brown v. Board of Education and brought (and still brings) much tumult to the Square of Public Opinion. Lawrence v. Texas overturned Bowers v. Hardwick, which had enshrined private sexual activity as a suitable topic for police scrutiny.

Good laws can be reversed. The Equal Voting Rights Act of the mid-1960s has been gutted by a SCOTUS ruling allowing governing whites to impose limitations on the black governed.

Good rulings can be undone as well. Roe v. Wade, allowing women to seek abortion if needed and its attendant medical advice, is a goner in Trumpland as sure as the sun goes down in the west. Citizens United allows the unlimited use of campaign donations to be considered free speech, bankrupting campaign-finance disclosure laws. First Amendment separation of religion from government is now as mixed as a bowl of cake batter (if you find baking to be your personal testimony of devotion to the omniscient Sky Chef).

James Nimmo
Oklahoma City

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