Light reflects off the majestic Victoria Falls in Matabeleland North, Zimbabwe, in 2016. (Ndaba Sibanda)

(Editor’s note: The following three poems are written by Ndaba Sibanda of Zimbabwe.)

How They Received Him

He was moving from door
to door, asking citizens
to give him a big vote
so that he could become
their next prime minister.

They chuckled and looked
at him as if they thought:
here’s a man on a mission
to count the number of hairs
on our bodies in a split second!

Cut To Size 

He — Mthethwa — would not leave a stone
of sham and shame sheltered by another

he held a powerful pen that spat out
scalding reddish ink in the face of bias 

His words were saltier than intense venom
for they unleashed a very volcanic thunder 

which tore apart the vile core of venality
transformed their blindness into alertness

galvanized their laziness into throughput
ripped apart their culture of one-sidedness

burnt to ashes the bums of the felons
and cut short the bristly tails of arrogance.

Hiding In A Hub Of Inspiration

words hear and heed my plea please
swim with me into creative spaces

and shatter and shame a writer’s block
as you shudder a reader’s imagination

please pay attention to my passion
for it is cool to hold values of this craft

let a hunger for story-telling eat me up
swim with me in collaborative milieus

let a hunger for shared experiences rule
sail and swing with me into intriguing spaces

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Ndaba Sibanda’s poems, essays and short stories have been featured in many and various journals and magazines like: The Piker Press, Bricolage, The Dying Goose, Whispering Prairie Press, Saraba Magazine and He is from Zimbabwe and lives in Kuwait.