Today’s runoff elections metaphorically mark the final turn before Oklahoma candidates enter the home stretches of their respective races. After besting opponents (sometimes several) in the primaries, statewide candidates who still lacked a clear majority among party constituents entered into the following primary runoffs.

The work of tonight’s victors will be cut out for them through November’s general election. Similarly, work remains for we humble voters, too. With that in mind, NonDoc has compiled the following list of links to previous coverage of all of today’s statewide runoff elections, most of which will be relevant only to voters registered as Republicans. We have hosted several political debates among these statewide candidates, including Friday’s GOP superintendent of public instruction runoff debate (video above).

Additionally, we have compiled information on all runoff races for seats in the Oklahoma Legislature, and we have primers on the Oklahoma County Commissioner District 1 Democratic runoff and the Oklahoma City Council Ward 7 special election.

Knowledge is power. Voting is a right. Exercise your right with all your might.

(Not sure about your voting status or polling place? Click this link to confirm your registration, find your polling place and view sample ballots.)

GOP governor candidates’ runoff election

Kevin Stitt on campaign trail: ‘I have better ideas’

Mick Cornett on the campaign trail: ‘People want more governing’

Mick Cornett calls ‘Bull Stitt’ in GOP governor runoff

Cornett, Stitt dodge questions and each other in debate

Editorial: Governor hopefuls pander playfully on Twitter

GOP lieutenant governor candidates’ runoff election

Amid many runoffs, Edmondson awaits Cornett or Stitt

Double primaries in the lieutenant governor race

GOP state auditor and inspector candidates’ runoff election

[VIDEO] Insider, outsider ruffle feathers at GOP auditor debate

Debate set for state auditor and inspector GOP primary

GOP attorney general candidates’ runoff election

Debate: Voters see Hunter, Drummond in action

[VIDEO] Debate: Challengers second-guess attorney general

Amid contentious campaign, GOP primary attorney general debate set

GOP superintendent of public instruction candidates’ runoff election

[VIDEO] Superintendent debate: Hofmeister and Murphy clash

Hofmeister vs. Murphy: GOP superintendent debate set

GOP commissioner of labor candidates’ runoff election

GOP labor candidates talk jobs, mental illness, mistrust

Labor Omnia Vincit: A Republican labor commissioner candidate debate

Corporation commissioner candidates’ runoff election

[VIDEO] ‘This is not a disposable land’: Dems disagree on wastewater

[VIDEO] Brian Bingman: Anthony ‘arrogant’ for debate absence

Corporation Commission debates set, Anthony ‘declines to participate’