In 2015, I was waiting tables in the Paseo when Tres Savage and Josh McBee sat in my section. They were familiar faces and fun to banter with, but this time Savage mentioned they were about to launch their Oklahoma-based journalism website.

“So if you know anyone who can write, send them our way. We’ll be needing commentary pieces,” Savage said as I placed a pizza in front of him.

“Um, I write!” I said so quickly it seemed like a desperate lie.

“Oh yeah? Well, write something and have it to me by next Friday at noon. I’m going to hold you to that deadline!”

And that’s how my relationship with started. I wrote two pieces of commentary by the following Friday at noon (#humblebrag), and I’ve had a few more things to say (resulting in some very opinionated articles) since then. Please enjoy my POV on how I still breastfeed my 2 year-old (and it’s fine) or this pretty important PSA, How do you know when it’s domestic violence?

Now, in 2019, I am revising my role and starring as the new client relations manager. Howdy, y’all!

Reasons why I am so excited

  1. Getting to know people and making them feel awesome and loved is pretty much my favorite thing. You are valued and special, and I want you to know it.
  2. I am detail-orientated and fondly refer to myself as borderline OCD, which is really the best OCD there is.
  3. There are few things more exciting and important than local, unbiased, real-people-ran media. To be allowed to be a part of something so fundamentally necessary in the state that I love … well, that just makes me #blessed.

Get in touch

So, if you are currently an advertising client, then hey you! We have already been in touch, and I cannot wait to maximize your exposure across Oklahoma.

If you are not an advertising client yet, but you feel like seeing your company’s ad on the banner above Oklahoma’s best source for smart news, politics, culture and community seems like a perfect fit, then email and let’s chat about how we can help make your business, company or organization more visible.

You can also drop me a line just to say, “Hi!” I adore that, too.

Friend me, follow me, let’s be pals.