Archiebald Browne
A student at OU's Gaylord College of Journalism and Mass Communication, Archiebald Browne will be NonDoc's 2019 summer editorial intern. (Provided)

My name is Archiebald Browne and I am officially the new summer 2019 editorial intern for NonDoc Media. I am very excited to be a part of this team and to have the chance to cover stories in the Oklahoma City area and beyond. Let me help you get to know more about me and why I love journalism.

My background and the reason I love journalism

I was born and raised in Oklahoma City by a family of African immigrants from Liberia. Math and science were embedded into my mind early in life. However, while growing up, I became fond of expressing myself through creative mediums. Most of the time, I did this by writing short stories, keeping journals and playing music. While that grew, so did my curiosity of the world around me. At a young age, I began striving to find answers by always asking questions no matter how annoying I became. I always hoarded information by writing things down and taking pictures. I continued to practice these skills as normal everyday hobbies. Then, at an older age, I realized my obsession with journalism.

At first, I did not attend college with the intent to earn a degree in journalism. Instead, I first majored in electrical engineering, as STEM was still embedded in me. But during my second semester at the University of Oklahoma in 2017, I decided to try out my interest in journalism by joining the student newspaper. At the OU Daily, I fell in love with reporting and writing stories. I quickly changed my major to journalism and have had no regrets since. As well, I am very thankful for the Gaylord College for this wonderful opportunity to be a paid intern for NonDoc Media.

Stories and connections that matter

During my time with NonDoc, I hope to build a better connection with the residents of the Oklahoma City metro. I want to do this by having a presence on social media where I can interact with the public. I will always accept tips, story ideas and even requests to have a normal conversation about different topics or concerns.

When it comes to my ultimate goal in this field, I imagine becoming an investigative reporter for a news organization. As I strive to reach that point, I want to work on stories that will have an impact on communities and their people. I want to write feature stories over people and places that deserve to have their story told. I want to seek the truth.

I look forward to doing all of that this summer as I learn how to be a better journalist.