public resources
NonDoc's public resources page is live, so bookmark it. The page contains links to many helpful Oklahoma government resources and statistics. (Angela Anne Jones)

For NonDoc and other modern news outlets, a good portion of our work happens online. That’s why we’d like to formally announce the creation of our new Oklahoma public resources page. Designed to be your bookmarked reference page for accessing public information in Oklahoma, we hope you find it useful.

On the page, we have compiled our favorite and most frequently-used online government tools for you — our readers — to access easily. Included are links to voter information and statistics, lobbyist and campaign finance reports, court case searches and much more.

Our election reporting relies heavily on data available to every Oklahoman. Open records requests also support some of our most important stories, so this new resource page includes links that will help any Oklahoman learn how to submit a request.

The value of this data at your fingertips is immeasurable. Our state government has committed significant resources to make information open and available, and we hope they will continue to do so if citizens like you use these tools.

Perhaps our new Oklahoma public resources page will also serve an alternative purpose of settling bar bets across the state, with links to state statutes, the Oklahoma Constitution and other legal resources.

Our advice is to bookmark the public resources page on your laptop and phone browsers. For any question you have about Oklahoma state government, it may be able to help you begin your search. We specifically designed the resource to be a one-stop shop for your state referential needs.

See something worth adding? Let us know!

We have tried to be fairly comprehensive, but if you feel we’ve left out a state (not city) resource you find valuable, then please let us know. The page is also intended to serve all of Oklahoma, not just a specific metro area, so we are not yet including online resources specific to any region or town.

You can find a link to our new public resources page here, and we sincerely hope that you find the links as useful as we have.

As always, thanks for reading.