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NonDoc has added new public resource pages for Tulsa County and Comanche County. (NonDoc)

After creating public resource pages for Canadian, Cleveland and Oklahoma counties, we are now excited to add pages for Tulsa and Comanche counties.

All of these pages are intended to help readers like you connect with your local government entities and get answers to questions without having to wait on an email response from us. On these new pages, you will be able to find information about county-specific officials, budget reports and other departments. The pages also explain how to file open records request.

Adding these county pages comes as an extension of our existing Oklahoma public resources page. We hope you can find these pages helpful, and you can either bookmark them for your own easy access, or you can find them in our website menu.

As with our other county pages, we included resources for the larger municipalities in each county. As Tulsa County is larger in population than Comanche County, more municipalities have been included.

We hope these pages will make it easier for you to find information you are looking for and information you perhaps didn’t even know existed. Admittedly, some of the linked websites are a bit clunky, but each should feature a phone number that you can call for more information.

As always, please let us know if we missed anything relevant to you and your community on these county resource pages. We are always open for suggestions. Again, consider bookmarking any of these pages and sharing them with others in your community:

Previously published county resource pages

More information about Oklahoma counties

For more information about the laws governing Oklahoma counties, look through Article 17 of the Oklahoma Constitution and Title 19 of state statutes. Oklahoma has 77 counties, which can be found listed by population estimates here. Demographic and population data about Oklahoma counties can be found on

Of course, that’s a good reminder for you, your family and your friends to fill out the 2020 census today.