Alberto Morejon
Stillwater Public Schools employee Alberto Morejon was arrested by the Stillwater Police Department on Tuesday, May 19, 2020. (Provided)

(Editor’s note: This story was updated at 4:40 p.m. Friday, May 22, to include the affidavit filed by a Stillwater Police Department detective. On June 8, the Payne County District Attorney’s Office filed an additional charge of forcible oral sodomy against Alberto Morejon related to a second alleged victim. The story below describes the first charge filed against Morejon and contains details that some readers may find upsetting.)

Stillwater Junior High School teacher Alberto Morejon has been charged with a felony count of engaging in sexual communication with a minor by the use of technology. Today’s charge was filed in Payne County District Court three days after Morejon, an influential voice during 2018’s Oklahoma teacher walkout, was arrested on allegations that he made lewd proposals to a former student under the age of 16.

“(Morejon) did unlawfully, willfully, intentionally and feloniously engage in communication for sexual or prurient interest by the use of Instagram messages,” according to the charging document, which is embedded below.

The document alleges that Morejon communicated between May 15 and May 19 with the minor — and/or a person he believed to be said minor — using Instagram messages from a cell phone.

“Said communications [included] defendant explicitly talking about oral sex and what would happen if the minor performed oral sex on defendant,” the document states. “Said defendant also [sent] photographic images in which he grasped his underwear covered genitalia, said acts in violation of Title 21 OSA, Section 1040.13a, contrary to the form and the statute made and provided against the peace and dignity of the state of Oklahoma.”

Violation of that statute is punishable by a fine not to exceed $10,000 or a prison term not to exceed 10 years.

The charge was filed by Debra Vincent, assistant district attorney. Shortly after the publication of this story, the court provided a copy of the affidavit written by Stillwater Police Det. Sherae LeJeune (embedded below). LeJeune wrote that a report was made May 12 to Stillwater police that Morejon had been communicating with a 16-year-old female via Instagram since she was age 14.

“On May 15, 2020, [the student] attended a forensic interview at the child advocacy center. [the student] disclosed that she and Alberto had text and ‘photo messaging’ conversations on Instagram,” LeJeune wrote. “The content began innocuous but eventually became flirtatious in nature. Alberto sent images of exposed male genitalia as well as “imprint” images; an erect penis concealed by tight fitting clothing such as underwear. [the student] received approximately five images of an exposed penis over the past two years. She received ‘imprint’ images in almost every conversation.”

LeJeune wrote that she began “a controlled conversation” with Morejon while posing as the teenager on May 15.

“The conversation was initiated by saying [the student] was alone at home. Alberto responded by saying, ‘You trying to find something to do. Or find someone to do? Lmao.’ He was invited over,” LeJeune wrote. “Alberto said he still had access to the residence where they could be alone and he asked what they would do together. I responded by asking if he had ever been with a younger girl. He responded with, ‘You’re a virgin though … you ain’t even ready.’ Alberto advised he could not find a reason to sneak out of the house at that time because he had been inside all day due to the rainy weather. He stated, “I can on nights I’ve been outside and have an excuse to stay outside. But today I’ve been in all day since it’s been raining. Lol’.”

LeJeune ended that conversation, advised the high school student not to communicate further with Morejon and resumed the conversation May 19:

At 4:32 p.m. I initiated conversation with Alberto again. The entire conversation took place using picture messaging. Each picture Albert sent was of a different area outside of his home with the message typed on the picture. I responded in the same manner with my message written over a picture of [the student]. It was known to Alberto that he was having a conversation with [the student]. I started by asking what he was doing. Alberto expressed how worried he was about [the student] not responding back to him. He said he was outside doing yard work. I asked if he could leave since he was outside like he said he could in the previous conversation. Alberto advised his vehicle was too noticeable to park at her house. I advised I had a vehicle. He said there could be a tracker on the car or [the student’s] mother could come home early. I offered to meet him in the parking lot of Walmart. He again said he could not. I told Alberto that if he was so concerned about getting caught then he did not have to meet. He responded by saying how fun it would be for [the student] to perform a specific sexual act on him but it would be risky to meet. He provided instructions on how to perform oral sex. He explained what would happen if she did perform oral sex on him. During this conversation there was nothing identifying Alberto as the person I was talking to other than the outside of his residence. I asked if it was even him I was talking to. He responded by taking a picture of his lower body and the caption ‘Lol yesss’. He was wearing blue gym shorts and blue shoes with white trim. He also sent a picture of himself grasping his penis over his underwear with his shorts pulled down.

At that time I requested assistance from the Special Projects Unit. They responded to Alberto’s residence (…) I continued to speak with Alberto. Alberto’s picture messages showed him to be in a garage with a dark colored Jeep in the background. He asked for good pictures of [the student]. I was informed by the SPU that Alberto was observed at his home wearing the same clothing in the pictures I received. Alberto left his residence in the Jeep that was also seen in the pictures. He was stopped on traffic by a marked patrol unit and placed under arrest for soliciting sexual conduct or communication with a minor by use of technology. Alberto was transported to the Stillwater City Jail where he was processed and jailed.

McBride: ‘This is concerning’

Morejon, 27, gained prominence for creating a Facebook group that gave rise to a teacher walkout that shut down dozens of Oklahoma school districts for two weeks in April 2018. At the time, Morejon was 25 years old and was teaching history and coaching junior varsity baseball at Stillwater Junior High School.

“My idea was to start the conversation and be a place teachers could trust the information coming in. I never thought I might have the opportunity to influence any of this,” he told the Tulsa World at the time.

Morejon’s Twitter bio says he teaches eighth grade history in Stillwater and is an OSU graduate.

When news of Morejon’s arrest spread this week, some state lawmakers said they were shocked.

“I believe people are innocent until proven guilty, but this deserves a full investigation,” said Rep. Mark McBride (R-Moore). “This is concerning to have happen in our education community.”

McBride chairs the House Appropriations and Budget Subcommittee on Education.

“This is really concerning that somebody who was so pro education and for the students that this could have possibly happened,” McBride said. “Our education system needs to take these things seriously.”

Morejon’s arrest is not the first time the 2018 Oklahoma teacher walkout faced a connection to alleged sex crimes. A Clinton High School teacher admitted to having sex with her 15-year-old student during the walkout before and after traveling with the student to the State Capitol.

During the walkout, Morejon himself became a spokesperson and a public face for teachers, frequently appearing in national media coverage. He has since remained a vocal activist, encouraging educators to run for office and speaking out about education policy. He frustrated numerous legislators by saying they “need to be replaced” even though several had voted for the historic tax increase that funded substantial teacher pay increases the week before the 2018 walkout.

Affidavit regarding Alberto Morejon arrest

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Charging document in Alberto Morejon case

Alberto Morejon
Alberto Morejon was charged with a felony in Payne County District Court on Friday, May 22, 2020. (Screenshot)