Reddit AMA
NonDoc editor in chief Tres Savage participated in an "ask me anything" session Wednesday, July 16, 2021, on the r/oklahoma subreddit. (Kylie Hushbeck)

As part of my job as NonDoc’s summer marketing intern, I have been tasked with exploring new ways to expand the publication’s online reach. So one thing I have been working on is establishing a NonDoc Reddit account.

I did not want to be the intern who gave NonDoc bad karma on Reddit, so I messaged the moderators of the subreddits we joined to ensure occasionally sharing our own articles would be acceptable. While I was messaging with the moderators of r/oklahoma, the main subreddit for our state, they invited our editorial team to participate in an Ask Me Anything. On Wednesday, June 16, our editor in chief, Tres Savage, did.

For those unfamiliar with the platform, an AMA, as the name implies, provides a chance for users to ask guests questions about their work, lives and industries.

Wednesday’s AMA spurred some great discussions on civics in Oklahoma, as Reddit users asked Tres about a whole range of subjects, from his most entertaining legislative story of the year to how NonDoc’s lawsuit against the University of Oklahoma affects the state as a whole. There was lots of humor and, of course, a mention of the Grand River Dam Authority. As a bonus for me, our Reddit karma was in Tres’ hands, not mine, for the night.

In all seriousness, though, I think this AMA was valuable because it allowed NonDoc an opportunity to provide resources and share perspectives and to show the journalist behind the journalism.

When I told my dad about the event, he said, “That says something about your boss’ integrity in a good way.” I agree that Tres’ openness to sitting down to an AMA shows that he stands by and believes in his work.

Particularly during a time when there is widespread mistrust of journalism and journalists, I’m glad to be part of a newsroom (or news dungeon) that works to build trust through transparency.

Thank you to everyone that participated in the AMA and the r/oklahoma moderators for hosting!

You can read Tres’ full AMA here.

After completing a 2021 internship, Kylie Hushbeck became NonDoc's distribution and development specialist in 2022. A sixth-generation Oklahoman and a citizen of the Chickasaw Nation, Kylie has bachelor's degrees in public relations and political science from the University of Oklahoma. She departed NonDoc in August 2023 to work in public education.