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Twitter lists are one of the most underrated facets of social media. As someone who uses social media more for work than for fun, I find they are great for staying focused on one topic and avoiding the dreaded doom scroll.

When I interned at the State Capitol, for instance, a scroll through a list of Oklahoma Lawmakers would give me a preview of the agenda and mood of the day. But Twitter lists are by no means just for professional use. You might also create a list of just close friends, or of funny accounts you want to scroll through without the extra noise.

Over the past few weeks, I have been building Twitter lists of state agencies and colleges in Oklahoma through the @NonDocMedia Twitter account. The experience has been very educational and surprisingly comical. For example, did you know that Oklahoma has a Peanut Commission? I was sorely unaware. Sadly, it appears the commission doesn’t have a Twitter account, but luckily the Sorghum Commission does! And a Twitter button on the website of Murray State College Ardmore links to what appears to be the personal account of someone named Mary who has very cute dogs.

I learned that many state agencies have not tweeted since I was just starting high school — their pages a memorial to the days when many people were first joining the platform.


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But, more importantly, active state agency accounts tweet about everything from fraud warnings and tax deadlines to traffic conditions and various state services. Want to see films made in Oklahoma? The Oklahoma Film and Music Office tweets about Oklahoma films, actors, and musicians to watch. The Oklahoma Department of Libraries shares how to access resources such as audio recordings of poets reading their own work. I even have to applaud the Grand River Dam Authority and their campaign encouraging people to wear life jackets.

Colleges and universities share news about research, admissions, and opportunities that are available to more than just their students.

These lists are also a great resource if your’e looking for something to do. Events such as art shows, sporting events and musical performances are shared frequently by both colleges and state agencies. And of course you don’t want to miss the Sorghum updates.

Below are instructions for how to access these lists. And while you’re there, don’t forget to check out NonDoc’s other Twitter lists: Oklahoma Tribal Nations, OK Capitol Press and Oklahoma Lawmakers.

  1. Go to NonDoc’s Twitter page and click on the three dots on the header
  2. Click “View Lists”
  3. Select the list you want and happy scrolling!
After completing a 2021 internship, Kylie Hushbeck became NonDoc's distribution and development specialist in 2022. A sixth-generation Oklahoman and a citizen of the Chickasaw Nation, Kylie has bachelor's degrees in public relations and political science from the University of Oklahoma. She departed NonDoc in August 2023 to work in public education.