King of the fall
(Mike Allen)

by Joshua David Gray

I was reading the lyrics of a Duncan Sheik CD
When I should have been preparing for this poetry MC
Smoking a cigarette, wasting time
I was shocked by how much he fucking sucks

His lyrics
His rhyme
His trite things to say about life
About loving some girl whose name hasn’t been sung about yet
Even though it was probably a Jennifer he loved and kissed
She became a Yvette

And then my mind started wondering
About a title of movie I had been pondering
See I rented Punch Drunk Love
And found it interesting
And wondered what the fuck does Punch Drunk mean

So I looked up in this handy dictionary
But Webster had a limited commentary
He told me that punch came from the Hindi word “pac” for five
For the number of ingredients in this tasty concoction
And I know punch has five fingers

And the words just keep coming on the auction block
And my mind is falling like my great aunt’s stock
Because I realize words are how I feel
And they translate in my eye like a movie reel
And from my heart they steel

And then I think of you
All of you
Makers of Words
And I bless you for the images I’ve heard
For the chills you have breathed into my lungs
And the tastes you have “buggied” on my tongue

Some of your poems got me so hot
It’s seedy
I feel like I owe them a dinner and a movie

So thank you so much
For you’ve taught me that some words don’t punch
But just touch
Thank you so much

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