(Editor’s Note: This is the second of three posts where NonDoc staff answer the question, “For someone new to either Oklahoma City or Twitter, who would you suggest as good ‘follows’ on the social media site?” Read Andrew Rice’s suggestions here.)

What do I personally look for in an OKC Twitter follow?

Well, hell if I know. Someone whom I KNOW, I guess. As a Journalist who only follows 213 people anyway, I feel ill-equipped for recommendations on this strange 140-character medium. Sometimes I find it highly limiting. Other times I find it perfectly suited for cynical pronouncements.

As a result, I choose tweeters who use Twitter for what I consider its best function — humor. They use it well, they’ll give you hell, and they’ll push social boundaries.

A professional joke teller

Handle: @SpencerLenox

Followers: 5,584

Real name: Spencer Hicks

Who?: Spencer is a gubernatorial body-man-turned-standup comedian, among other things. Frankly, if you are new to OKC, you might just plan a night out for Spencer’s standup. Until then, you can get yourself a taste on Twitter.

Why?: We live in the same ZIP code, and I can testify that Spencer keeps a nice lawn. If that’s not reason enough to follow someone, then I don’t know why I’m following two Hank Hill accounts.

Sample tweet(s):

A professional beer drinker

Handle: @HubaHubaHubbard

Followers: 658

Real name: Victoria Hubbard

Who?: Victoria and I have known each other for a long time, but observing her musings on Twitter will be forever how I define much of our friendship. That and as the person who helped coin the phrase, “Dating is pretty much just holding in farts.”

Why?: Don’t worry, there’s also a good public reason for you to follow Victoria on Twitter: She is the marketing and events person for Coop Ale Works, a leading beer brewery in OKC. So, unless you hate jokes AND beer, I suggest you give her a follow.

Sample tweet(s):

A sports yakker and celebrity detractor

Handle: @GRoughFace Followers: 1,850 Real name: Geoff Roughface Who?: Geoff is a producer and director for 107.7 The Franchise, and he authored a commentary on NonDoc in November titled, Sooners aren’t causing your ‘transgenerational trauma.’ Why?: If you like (usually) reasonable sports commentary, Geoff is your man. In addition, he is a proud OU alumnus, a member of the Ponca Nation and he wears shorts and sandals until it drops below 30 degrees. Sample tweet(s) Among other notable nonsense Geoff has done on Twitter, infuriating former-actor-turned-TV-pitchman William Shatner this summer took the cake:

Classy, Shats. As mentioned, many of Roughface’s best tweets have to do with that little thing we call sports:

So there you have it: Three cynics who might make your Twitter experience slightly more enjoyable thanks to bawdy jokes, rancorous rants and fights with celebrities. I look forward to seeing who Twitter-newcomer Josh McBee chooses tomorrow.

(Correction: This post has been updated to refer to Spencer Hicks’ past employment more accurately.)