Lights decorate trees in central Oklahoma City. (William W. Savage III)

It’s Christmas Eve, and here at NonDoc we’d like to re-gift a few things you might have missed from us so far this year. Below, please find several topics we have tried to “give” to our loyal readers.

Cell-phone batteries not included.

Sassy replies to idiotic sports writing


If you weren’t aware, a sports editor in the state of Oklahoma made the case recently that women should avoid pugilism because, uh, he thinks so. Lisha Dunlap punched back.

To the Enid News & Eagle sports editor: Really, dude?

You see, Dave Ruthenberg, I may not have balls, but I do have strength, intelligence, heart and perseverance — a list of things that will take any opponent to task. I don’t need more testosterone to achieve my goals. I need more support from a sports-writing industry that is dominated by men, and so do all the aspiring female athletes who might read your drivel in Garfield County.


Ooof! Right in the cookies!

Vital Conversations


Vital Conversations is our running series on faith discussions. Since Christmas has (gasp!) some religious significance, check out our most recent contribution:

With Jesus born, Mary would have been uninsured in Oklahoma

At first, things do not look good for Mary. Her fiancé is considering his options, which include dumping her (at best) and having her stoned to death (at worst). Her instinct is to find help. She finds refuge at her cousin Elizabeth’s house and stays there for quite some time. In the end, everything works out for Mary because she finds enough care and support.


By scrolling to the bottom of that piece, you can find a comprehensive list of all posts within Vital Conversations.

A good source of fruits and vegetables

Pinata Store

Sure, the sign would imply that we “gave” you information on where to get a piñata, alas we did not. Instead, we told you about Piñata Store, which sells fresh fruit and veggies instead of whackable candy containers. Still, the produce is good.

Hole in wall a better value than Whole Foods

Pinata Store sits smack in the middle of the Farmer’s Public Market just southwest of downtown Oklahoma City, about 60 feet from the patio of the Powerhouse, a bar and restaurant that opened in early 2015. Across the street sits Urban Agrarian, a local retailer and distributor that features a variety of products from an impressive list of farms and producers across Oklahoma. Urban Agrarian is easily one of the best sources for local food in the state.

Support your local onion salesman!

Street art near and far

(Josh McBee)

Managing editor Josh McBee loves street art. As such, he has chronicled new murals in Oklahoma City’s Plaza District as well as the Wynwood Walls in Miami.

Wynwood Walls: The rise and fall of ‘gentlefication’

I still love street art. I like the democracy of it, the free admission, the generosity of the artist to perform his or her craft for the public (although, as in the case of Wynwood and other such developments, name-recognizable artists still get paid).

Information on controversial entities

A screenshot from October shows a changed in the images shown by Narconon Arrowhead's website. (Screenshot)

One of NonDoc’s goals is to provide information that is important and relevant to the public. This in-depth look at Narconon Arrowhead in southeastern Oklahoma represents that effort, as neither state leaders nor Narconon leaders were excited for NonDoc to write about the controversial drug-rehab facility.

Narconon Arrowhead has new license, criticism remains

Colin Henderson said he attended Narconon Arrowhead for about 10 days in July 2007 before leaving. After his experience, he began efforts to raise awareness about what he says is the organization’s true mission.

“I was promised Scientology has nothing to do with this, that or the other, when in fact it was 100 percent a Scientology training routine from the get go,” said Henderson, who was addicted to Oxycontin. “You go all the way up this [training routine], talking to ashtrays, all that kind of stuff.”

Merry Christmas Eve! Now go to sleep early, or Santa won’t show up.