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(Mike Allen)
Sleep well, earthquake babies. (Mike Allen)

The Angel of His Sins
by Chantelle Cherie Cox

The Angel she is blind of his evil sins.
He’s the ‘Devil’ preying on the (weakened).
She’s in his Hell Trapped in his Rib Cage.

Adam and Eve “I think not”. Everyone sees !As you do not! Twisted web his lies unjust;
Why must you continue to bleed out what your Heart will no longer beat….

He has Taketh you Completely; Scorned you deeply; Words of his fire; raging burning your very Core. Leaving you empty (Fool) “No longer”. Your soul left hungry of him “No More.”!

It’s done ~ It’s over. You two are (Never)
Through You Are!!
You — Him… The end!
So Sweet Angel of (mine) come home to ‘Thee’ (me)Your Heavenly Father (awaits) you indeed! For only “Love” you desire ~ need will be Stowed upon ‘yer’ always; unconditionally.

Poetry in the (Eyes) of (My) View
by Chantelle Cherie Cox

Poetess Of Poetry…. I’m the Writer in which you Read. I love words paper and pens jotting ink on every line ~ every sheet. Poetry fills my veins creatively soulfully whispering gently amongst Society. Unveiling truth ~ reality (intimately) expressed of expressions loudly they speak unto you ~ unto me.

Poetry is of art in abstract formality so only you whom read; feel the feeling of raw expressive intensity; it’s (relatable beauty) which can never be left unspoken. As life at times only (allowing)the heart within (one’s self) the freedom to breathe in and Read A Write of unique literacy.



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