Writers' Fund
A custom cake in the shape of an old-fashioned typewriter looked (almost) too good to eat. (Doug Hill)

From a former governor to folks in the nonprofit sector, NonDoc’s supporters run the gamut of age, background and profession. This diverse cast of characters plays an important role in supporting NonDoc, in that they have chosen to make the recurring as well as one-time financial contributions that make this site possible.

While we’ve recapped the successes of our growth party before, the following pictures from regular photo contributor Doug Hill compel us to offer one more look at the kind of community building and support our web site has fostered.

The smiling faces and happy people depicted in the photo gallery below reflect the fact that NonDoc has grown in its almost two full years of existence. Through a consistent publishing schedule, rigorous editorial vetting and an ongoing conversation with the community, we’ve built – literally bit by digital bit – a responsible public forum that people say they’re glad to have in Oklahoma City and beyond.

If you agree, please consider signing up to be a Writers’ Fund contributor right now. Even just $10 per month goes a long way toward funding the technological infrastructure and freelancer payroll required to make this thing work. If you lack the ability to contribute financially, you can still support the site (and the people behind it) by liking and sharing our posts on social media, following the site on various social accounts (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, for example) and, last but not least, good ol’ word of mouth.

Enjoy these pics, tag your friends and drop us a line when you can. We love hearing what our readers have to say.

Josh McBee served as NonDoc's managing editor from September 2015 through January 2019. He earned a bachelor's degree in English and a master's degree in journalism from the University of Oklahoma. He has reported and edited for newspapers and other media in Oklahoma, Colorado and California.
Doug Hill earned a double-major undergraduate degree in English and East Asian Studies from the University of Kansas and a master's in human relations from the University of Oklahoma. He's been a freelance journalist and photographer in central Oklahoma since 1997.