Oklahoma cares about kids
From left to right, Joe Dorman, William W. Savage III, Anne Roberts and Bryce Holland prepare to record an episode of How We Got Here on Friday, May 11, 2018. (Alex Weintz)

Over the past 40 years, Oklahoma has been sued twice to force improvements in how the state treats children in public custody.

One of the main reasons NonDoc and FKG Consulting developed the How We Got Here podcast was to create a platform for deep discussions about the history of various Oklahoma policy arenas.

To that end, the How We Got Here team welcomed longtime Capitol insider, children’s advocate and health lobbyist Anne Roberts onto the show for this episode that examines how Oklahoma cares about kids.

“What I’d like to talk about is how we as a nation care about our kids,” Roberts says in the beginning of this episode. “I think we all take for granted that we all love our kids and we hug and kiss on them all the time, but kids have not always been valued. When you think back to the origins of our nation — colonial times — poverty was rampant, and some people actually sold their children to pay off their debts.

“Kids as young as 7 were hired out to work in the mines or factories, and how [parents] disciplined their children was nobody’s business. Everything was sort of a private family affair. In fact, I always tell people the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals was founded an entire decade before a similar organization to protect children.”

From ‘Terry D’ lawsuit to new ACEs bill

In this episode, Roberts joins NonDoc editor in chief William W. Savage III, FKG Consulting’s Alex Weintz and current Oklahoma Institute for Child Advocacy director Joe Dorman to discuss:

Roberts, a former director of OICA herself who currently works for INTEGRIS Health, also demonstrates her infamous singing voice at the end of this episode as she recalls a time she used it to advocate for children at the Capitol.

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