When we announced our relaunch of journalism operation for the first half of 2019, it was made possible by two things: 1) Advertising packages purchased by a broad variety of organizations; 2) Generous support from readers like you.

In fact, members of the public stepped up to contribute more than $8,000 to our Writers’ Fund in only one week, a feat that ensured our largest financial support came from a diverse group of individual citizens.

Now, as July marks the start of 2019’s second half, we are ready to run out of the proverbial locker room and get back out on the court, focusing on how to tell important stories, dig into controversial topics and amplify powerful community voices.

Of course, that will require the continued financial momentum that advertisers and readers provided us at the start of the year. So today, we are launching our Writers’ Fund contribution campaign for the second half of 2019. Will you consider helping us reach that same $8,000 level again?

Watch the video above to hear more about how much we value your support.

Why contribute to NonDoc? Because journalism matters

We could run down a list of important stories we have covered in the first half of 2019 — or we could talk about the intriguing topics we are digging into this summer — but by now we hope you trust us to follow stories wherever they take us; to be thorough and fair while “examining each case on its merits,” as Walter Cronkite said in our de facto mission statement.

So far, we have had a few of our advertisers renew their packages for the second half of 2019. A few others have not, while the balance are still weighing their options.

If we hit this $8,000 crowdfunding goal, you will help us show that the public continues to value our journalism. To contribute, you will find a button for PayPal contributions at the bottom of this post, and you may also contact us by email or phone if you have questions. (The company mailing address can be found here for those who prefer to send checks.)

By chipping in a few dollars if you can, you will help ensure operations through the end of 2019, and you will send a strong message to entities that are considering whether to support our work via advertising this year or additional investments for the future.

Lastly, any money raised above $8,000 will simply allow for additional freelance stories and broader distribution of our content across Oklahoma to areas sometimes lacking in-depth reporting on state government.


— The NonDoc Media team

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(Editor’s note: For ethical reasons, we continue to ask that current elected officials at any level refrain from contributing to our efforts. Thank you for your understanding.)

William W. Savage III (Tres) has served as NonDoc's editor in chief since the publication's launch in September 2015. He holds a journalism degree from the University of Oklahoma and covered two sessions of the Oklahoma Legislature for before working in health care for six years. He is a nationally certified Mental Health First Aid instructor.