Grace Franklin
Grace Franklin joined the board of the Sustainable Journalism Foundation in November 2022. (Provided)

When I was approached about being on the board of the Sustainable Journalism Foundation, which oversees and governs NonDoc, I was surprised and intrigued. After several great conversations throughout 2022, I was excited to be voted onto the board in November.

I am an advocate for Black women against injustice, violence and health care disparities. I consume and research information to ensure that my efforts will benefit my community and not put any others at a disadvantage. Justice for one community is not sustainable if another community is still experiencing similar issues.

We tend to live in information silos that reinforce what we think to be true. Over the past seven years, NonDoc has been a beacon of independent journalism in this state that I trust. When unbiased, researched and verified information is available, it can help our communities to see lines that connect us rather than only what divides us. Without accurate information and responsible places to discuss topics more deeply, what divides us will continue to alienate us from our humanity and each other.

From commentary contributor to board member

I have written pieces that have been published on NonDoc in an effort to help others understand different perspectives. Likewise, I have read pieces on NonDoc that revealed information that challenged me — information that made me research a subject further so I could have an informed opinion. Great journalism can cause conversations, reveal gems in our communities, open our minds (if only briefly) and make us better.

As I begin my service on NonDoc’s board and look at the new year ahead, I want to make sure that more people who look like me understand that journalism can be empowering for them and their community. At the same time, I want to make sure that NonDoc’s newsroom is cognizant of how journalism can impact communities, both positively and negatively.

If you are reading this and have just become aware of NonDoc’s work, please make sure you are actively following this publication. There are many options: Email, text message, Facebook, Twitter and simply bookmarking our home page for easy access. If you would like to learn more about how to submit your own commentary for publication on NonDoc, feel free to contact me or email our editors. Lastly, if you would like to join me in donating to the cause of independent, nonprofit journalism, please know that every donor helps no matter the amount, and you can find options here.

I look forward to serving on this board and helping to ensure that independent journalism grows and becomes sustainable in this state.

Grace Franklin is a published poet, playwright, actress and director who was born in Oklahoma City. She has written about race, gender and equality in various publications, including NonDoc, and she is particularly focused on the topics of social justice and reproductive rights. Grace works in the insurance industry, and she joined the board of the Sustainable Journalism Foundation in November 2022.