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Comic first

Oklahoma had a record voter turnout on Super Tuesday, with some lines looping around poling places and confusing voters. The 2016 primary continues across the country throughout March. (Mike Allen)

Poem second

Outcasts of a Broken Dream
by Derek Geiger

And we are still,
Still hurting, still flirting
With solitary pain
And death, we’re still skirting.
And we are still,
As the chill, sudden rain
Cleanses us, for we’re dirty…
Or at least we’ve been told.
And we are still, half-hidden in the dusk,
Fighting to keep, to hold, to trust.

And we are still,
Though lively winds abound,
Surround us with their gusts,
Enveloped in their musk,

And we are still.

We’re still, with soil to till,
Never lost, never found,
Our cups never to fill.

And we are still,
Mantises on a sill,
Rags awaiting a spill,
Lepers praying to heal,
Now unable to feel
The world others think real.

Our city on the hill
Embraces the landfill.
Misunderstood, we krill
Wait for the bell to peal,
As the light fades, to steal
One last, unholy meal.

And we are still.

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