PWYW supporting

You’re the editor of NonDoc!” the man said to me. “I love what you guys are doing.”

Typically, any compliment of our fledgling site’s journalism efforts makes my day, whether it comes over social media message, during an event I’m covering or during a Sturgill Simpson concert at the Criterion.

But this moment was even more powerful.

“I’m supporting you guys,” the man said humbly, and I recognized him as a loyal Twitter follower. “It’s not much, but I love what you guys do so I give $5 a month.”

I thanked him profusely and we talked for a while.

PWYW: Crowd-sourcing financial support

Since we launched our Pay What You Want sponsorship project in November, the reaction from NonDoc readers has been positive.

Contributions have ranged from small to large, and we are grateful for everything everyone has given to support our journalism and the creation of a responsible public forum.

Every day, we are working hard to expand our audience, our contributors and our advertising base.

So as we approach our one-year anniversary on Sept. 1, we want to highlight a few important ways that your PWYW sponsorships improve NonDoc.

As you’ll see, even $10 can help us reach the readership numbers that large advertisers desire from a journalism website.

How your support makes a big difference

$10 — Boosts one NonDoc article on Facebook for one day

$20 — Boosts two articles for one day or one article for two days

$70 — Advertises NonDoc’s Facebook page for one week (Facebook generates about 50 percent of our readership, and spending $70 on it will add about 100 new followers.)

$100 — Pays for reporting from one of NonDoc’s freelance journalists

$500 — Covers basic overhead that makes it possible to run the business

PWYW sponsors to be recognized

To show just how important PWYW support is to our growth model, we will recognize one PWYW donation each month. It may not be the largest PWYW amount, but it may not be the smallest that gets recognized, either. The point is we care that you care enough to support us, and for that you deserve recognition and public show of our gratitude.

Thank you for believing in our work.