come to our party
This lovely backyard in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, is perfect for a NonDoc party. (Daniel Miley)

On Saturday, July 8, NonDoc supporters, contributors and editors will gather for a summer house party in Oklahoma City.

While the night is aimed at announcing business initiatives, adding Writers’ Fund donors and building momentum, it will be a casual event full of food and fun. One of our readers (and a monthly contributor to our Writers’ Fund, at that) has been kind enough to offer up his epic backyard as a venue for the event: a wooded enclave (pictured above) right smack in OKC.

If you’re interested in attending, please email with your name and any guests you’d like to bring. We will reply with the exact location and other details.

Recent stories made possible by Writers’ Fund donors

While we do use some Writers’ Fund donations to help support general NonDoc operations and growth efforts, your support also allows us to pay trained freelance journalists for their independent reporting on important civic and cultural issues.

Here are a few recent stories made possible by the Writers’ Fund:

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Freelancer Kristy Sturgill dove into OKC’s preeminent songwriter sanctuary — the Seventh Day Rebellion Sunday song swap at JJ’s Alley.

Three Oklahoma agencies see state appropriations end

Longtime Capitol reporter Jeff Packham took a look at three state agencies that the Oklahoma Legislature made fundamental changes to in 2017.

Fight for 15 sparks day of protests at Austin Carl’s Jr.

Teacher and freelancer Danny Marroquin chronicled the lives and needs of fast-food workers in Austin as they rallied for a $15-per-hour living wage.

Beyond emailing your RSVP, those interested in attending our little backyard bash should be sure to follow the event on Facebook. If you have any questions or we need to issue an update, social media will likely be your friend.