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Interim Oklahoma Commissioner of Health Tom Bates, center, listens as the Oklahoma Board of Health begins its meeting Tuesday, July 10, 2018. (William W. Savage III)

At its July 10 meeting, the Oklahoma Board of Health failed in an attempt to approve its own minutes from a previous meeting. The administrative goof hardly affected the health of Oklahomans, but it set the stage for a strange day that befuddled onlookers and left many voters feeling their government was undermining the medical marijuana statutes they had passed only two weeks earlier.

In this week’s episode of our How We Got Here podcast with FKG Consulting, Rep. Emily Virgin (D-Norman) joins Bryan Fried, Ryan Kilpatrick and William W. Savage III to discuss the board’s actions and what might come next.

Those actions included approving emergency medical marijuana rules but with a surprising amendment to prohibit the sale of marijuana that could be smoked. The additional rule specifies that cannabis can only be dispensed to patients in the form of pills, oils, topical creams or ointments, vaporization or nebulization, tincture (the dissolving of a substance in alcohol) or liquid. The board also amended the new pot rules to require dispensaries to employ a pharmacist on site during hours of operation.

Combined, the two rules resulted in public criticism, multiple lawsuits and a broader call for the Oklahoma Legislature to find a way to repeal the board’s restrictions in a special session.

“I think we should do a special session, for a number of reasons, but mainly because the public needs to feel like someone is listening to them,” Virgin says in the podcast.

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