Bacon 10-year challenge
(Mike Allen)

Ah, bacon as analogy for life. I can’t think of anything more appropriate really, at least for my own personal experience.

Maybe you’ve seen one of the latest social media trends: — Facebook’s 10-year challenge. The fad involves taking a look back at one’s profile picture from a decade ago and juxtaposing it with a current picture in an effort to see how much life can change in that time.

It seems to be a generally positive experience, and I feel like it’s good for people to reflect on their adult lives, which we do so little of normally.

In terms of considering bacon through the lens of the 10-year challenge, I believe as younger people we have a chewy, malleable view of the world. As we age, it gets crispier, and maybe you want to burn it. But it’s important to keep in mind that bacon is always delicious.

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