(Mike Allen)

I don’t know why, but I keep imagining David Boren as an avid motorcycle enthusiast after his retirement from being president of the University of Oklahoma. It’s a continuation of a nearly 13-year running joke which I (sort of) explained in a previous comic here on Nondoc.

In the joke, he started out as a wizard, or at least that’s what we believed him to be back when I was in college. But as time went on, we found out he was just a man who got things done.

After Boren’s successor made news discussing OU’s finances, we are beginning to learn more about why the university’s bonds were downgraded in 2015. Meanwhile, the Oklahoma Legislature is beginning to learn more about how voters want better education funding.

Now “freed” to discuss Oklahoma’s 2018 election, the mythical man has endorsed Drew Edmondson. Judging by Facebook comments, critics blame Boren for the finances of a university vastly improved in the past two decades.

— Mike Allen & William W. Savage III

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