romaine lettuce
(Mike Allen)

Throw out all of your romaine lettuce right this instant! Well, by the time this publishes, you’d probably know if you were sick or not from eating the stuff this past week.

E. coli is no joke, and the CDC is right to instruct us to toss out the potentially infected lettuce, but I can’t help but laugh about how increasingly intense the headlines became over the course of the week. They started out with simple warnings about consuming bagged romaine lettuce, and ended with the headlines yesterday reading like “Burn it all! Cleanse it with fire!”

Maybe that was just the tone of it in my head, but the irony of something we think as “healthy” for us now harboring something that could potentially kill us is not lost on anyone, I think. Perhaps this will convert some people over to eating spinach instead. It’s good and good for you (though also not immune to similar problems, but ya know, it’s tasty).

— Mike Allen

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