Comedian Brian Regan will perform at The Criterion in Bricktown on Saturday, Dec. 3, and NonDoc readers have a chance to win a pair of tickets.

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Brian Regan: Funny, clean and dumb

Regan’s comedy relies heavily on his own self-deprecation, expressive face and wacky voices, usually toned to note either his or someone else’s utter stupidity.

As an example, here’s an animated audio clip of one of Regan’s more famous bits about reading:

Hailing from Miami, Florida, Regan is also notable for keeping most of his performances clean. While he will drop in a “hell” from time to time, his jokes are often more observational than vulgar or crass.

Regan recently appeared on an episode of Comedy Central’s This is Not Happening, during which he told the amusing and humiliating story of his time being the “campaign manager” for a dog that beer company Stroh’s was “running” for president of the United States. The dog, Alex, starred in cheesy commercials such as this, and Regan gave stump speeches across the country for the dog, which he says routinely upstaged him.

Enter to win Brian Regan tickets

So, if you’d like to win a pair of free tickets to see Brian Regan in OKC, just follow the steps above and enter for your chance to watch a grown man grunt, scream and strut around the stage for your amusement.

And if you’re having any trouble reading this post, well, Brian Regan will understand.

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