The will and the brain

ILE-IFE, Nigeria — So, it’s a new year and wishes have flown around. We must have had our resolutions set already, too? Well, good. It remains a happy new year to you from me.

Speaking of resolutions, I had a tough time battling with which should come first — the will or the resolution. In the long run, I resorted to the empirical in the experience of past new year’s resolutions; some mine, others not.

For this new year, too, I have engaged a number of my friends on their resolutions for this year, and I have been told their positive stories. I, however, do not feel my concern should lie in their having a resolution or not, but rather I should be considering the fulfillment of these resolutions.

The ‘will’ factor

I am no psychologist, but my understanding of the operations of the brain and mind — being basic psycho-agents — places the will as strong as the brain. At times, it may be stronger. The will remains an integral part of the mind with some connectivity that bounds the trio — the mind, the will and the brain.

My further poll to my friends leaves me at the point of choosing my resolution before backing it with a will for accomplishment. That could be problematic, as I think I would rather have the will before setting a resolution.

As a result, I opine thusly: If, at the end of each year having followed our will strongly, we decide to count our feats, there will be no cause to leave empty plates at the dinner table, hoping they will get filled the following year.

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